How the Party of Lincoln Will Save the American Republic

The new year of 2023 begins with America mired in several created crises caused by the massive policy failures of Joe Biden and the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party. Specifically, Americans confront the reality of a de-facto open border, a miserable economy that punishes working-class families, and toxic cultural pollution that invades key aspects of public life, especially schools.

But against this backdrop of created chaos — the agenda, task, and purpose of the Republican Party clarifies. Since the earliest days of the Tea Party, into the incredible Donald Trump triumph in 2016, and up to the present day, the GOP grows into a truly national, cross-racial, working-class movement of patriotic populism.

In this new era, the Republican Party stands as a vanguard movement pushing back against the Oligarchy in pursuit of three intertwined macro goals:

1. The Reestablishment of American Sovereignty
2. The Diffusion of Economic and Political Power
3. A Resurrection of a Culture of Conservative Values

Determining the most effective policies and tactics to secure these overarching goals forms the most pressing 2023 task for the party, from President Trump to new House GOP Congressmen, to local party activists knocking on doors. How well we pursue this task will, in turn, forge the most effective Republican 2024 appeal to voters.

A dispassionate analysis of the 2022 election results provides key lessons from the successes and failures of Republicans. Heading into off-year elections in 3 states in 2023, and into national, state, and federal elections in 2024, the numbers validate the potency of a Republican combination of economic nationalism with cultural conservatism. New York represented a particularly encouraging example of success.

But disappointments in some key states and districts across America also point toward the clear necessity of Republicans to organize and emphasize, with laser-like focus, ballot collection as much as voter persuasion.

The Queens Village Republican Club dinner to celebrate Abraham Lincoln provides a fitting setting to study and consider the path forward for the Party and for our nation. While America is not presently embroiled in a Civil War, we do live in an America as polarized as any in recent memory, and perhaps even since the days of the 16th President himself.

In this present predicament, the Party of Lincoln can become the leading force to return our Republic to a place of better social cohesion, shared prosperity, and commitment to bedrock Constitutional and American values. This great renewal requires not only motivating national leadership, but also an impassioned grass-roots groundswell from organizations across our land. As the oldest Republican Club in America, the Queens Village Club will prove invaluable to this cause.  

Steve Cortes has appeared daily on national TV news programs for 15 years. He served as Senior Spokesman and Strategist for the Trump 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns and coordinated outreach to Hispanic voters.

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