“Every Election is Determined by the People Who Show Up” – Our Vote Matters!

By Aura Moody

Dear Freedom Fighters:

Recently, several New York State Supreme Court Judges have rendered decisions in favor of the unvaccinated. It is not a coincidence that these judges are Constitutionalists. 

Let’s not forget the pain and loss we have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the unconstitutional vaccine mandates. In my opinion, what has transpired is a direct result of what happens when we are apathetic about politics and voting. It is time for us to consider which party embraces freedom, aligns with our values and protects our interests.

I hope we have learned from this COVID-19 experience how vulnerable we are and how easily our liberties can be stripped from us when decisions are made by dishonest political leaders and health bureaucrats who undermine the Constitution and fail to adhere to their oath of office. Moving forward, we should take into consideration our experience to help us make educated decisions when electing public officials within the three branches of government. 

As you may know, there are numerous bills that are currently being introduced by tyrannical Legislators at the city, state and federal levels, many of which will continue to infringe upon our constitutional and labor rights. We should familiarize with these disastrous bills and get motivated to vote for political leaders and jurists who will uphold the Constitution and defend our liberties, regardless of party affiliation. With this in mind, I would like us to reflect on the following inspiring quotes:

1.  “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” – George Jean Nathan

2.  “If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.” – George Carlin

Becoming a County Committee Member is a path to getting involved in politics and having our voices heard. If you would like more information about County Committees, please send an email to: info@QVGOP.org

For information about the Elections Calendar for the year 2023, please click the “Key Dates” graphic or the following link: https://www.nycvotes.org/how-to-vote/elections-calendar/#new+york+state+primary+election

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email. We must keep fighting and chanting in unison “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” in order to preserve our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Your fellow Freedom Fighter, 

Aura Moody

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