Ten days and counting to our 145th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner


Ten days and counting to our 145th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner.  Antuns is looking forward to our annual gathering and preparing the way forward.  For details on how Antuns is preparing for a safe, clean and wholesome event for us, see their website here: www.antuns.com

Our VIP hour is building quickly and last minute confirmations may be difficult as we limit that room to the 50 first takers.
The raffles are being prepared, balloons ordered and everything is falling into place.  Our strong Republican audience is answering our call submitting reservations and we couldn’t be prouder!
With Steve Bannon, our honorees, and firebrand Katie Hopkins, all at the ready, this event is going to get your blood moving and energy building. There will be no cancellation or postponement. Only the sounds of the elephant stampede for re-electing our President Donald J Trump this year!
We can’t wait to greet all of you! Stay focused, healthy and #onward2020!!!!!
Use hashtag #Onward2020 on all communications.  Thank you!

See our website for dinner tickets, VIP tickets and information:  www.qvgop.org

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