Celebrating the Good Will and Cheer of the Holiday Season

Celebrating the Good Will and Cheer of the Holiday Season

By Joseph Concannon

joe-concannon-good-picHappy Thanksgiving, Holidays and New Year to you and your family.  As our holiday season rolls into our community we are filled with the sense of hope, warmth and renewal.  Soon we’ll hear the singing of Christmas carols, holiday chants and all the symbols which suggest good will to all men and women. 

This season speaks much about who we are as Queens Village Republicans.  While some in political life paint Republicans as those rich, uncaring and self-serving people, we know far better.  The generosity and compassion from all in our ranks is just overwhelming.  Our participation with Haiti relief efforts, feeding the hungry via Our Lady of Lourdes Food Pantry, our weekly contributions during worship services doesn’t even begin to touch upon the massive activities our club is involved in.  Every member of our club should celebrate the good will and kindness that the season ushers in and make every effort to continue it into the New Year.  Our Club’s success in the South Asian, Georgian, Christian Pakistani communities is a testament to how our Club leads Queens and the City in welcoming all into our ranks.

Christmas and Chanukkah-smQueens Village Republicans can hold their heads up high.  We are protectors of the people and uphold the principles of the Republican Party.  We stand tall under some very challenging political circumstances and stand ready to lend a hand to all in need in our community.  Month after month our club grows because each new member sees the value in participation.  We bring credible candidates, unflinching integrity and boundless energy because we know and understand that teaching individuals to fish and feed themselves is more powerful than letting the government do it for us.

As we all know and understand, being a Republican means we value integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. We are the guardians for ourselves and our peers, and we set the expectations high because we have seen those from both political parties who have let us down and forsaken the public trust.  We are very much family friendly and look forward to contrasting ourselves with those who do not share our values.  Republicans are on the front lines of community affairs, organizations and good will efforts.  Everywhere you turn the Queens Village Republican Club is making its message heard and drawing new members in.

In conclusion, it’s an honor to serve as a card-carrying member of the Queens Village Republican Club.  Voting matters and elections do have consequences.  Spread the good will and cheer of the holiday season and spread the good word to all in the community as we prepare the way for a successful year in 2017. 

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