148th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner, Photos and Review of a Spectacular Patriotic Gala!

By Phil Orenstein
President of the Queens Village Republican Club

A patriotic medley was performed by Naomi Sica on the piano as guests entered the grand ballroom of the renowned Antun’s of Queens Village, a magnificent catering hall in Eastern Queens, where nearly every New York Governor, New York City Mayor, and President of the United States have been in attendance since the 1950s.  

The 148th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner was a spectacular patriotic gala with over 250 patriotic Americans who traveled from the corners of the tri-state region and even some came up from Florida. As they entered the hall, folks joined in the singing of God Bless America and patriotic songs and stood for the Star-Spangled Banner led by Pastor Dana Dice. Father Paul Palesty of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church delivered an uplifting invocation to open the dinner program which was emceed by Barbara from Harlem.

Some of the highlights of this exceptional dinner party were the stirring and emotional Lincoln Address delivered by Marly Hornik, Executive Director of NY Citizens Audit, and the rousing speech by Kristina Raevsky, recipient of the Young American Patriot of the Year award. Kristina is a 13-year-old author of two books and multiple op-eds on saving America and restoring meritocracy in our education system. She was applauded later in the program by keynote speaker, Steve Cortes as a brave patriot who has what it takes to become the first female president of the U.S.A.   

Each and every one of the honoree’s award acceptance speeches were exceptional. Here are just a few of the many event photos and comments from the honorees and attendees, which is the best way to convey the extraordinary nature of the dinner party which was a labor of love and around the clock hard work by the Queens Village Republican Club Board and Ways and Means committee members. If you missed it, be sure to see the photo album and videos of the event posted on our website at www.QVGOP.org, and be sure not to miss next year’s Lincoln Dinner. Thank you to our Lincoln Dinner sponsor, Epoch Times and all those who generously donated to the great success of this event.

“What an exciting, powerful & lavish Lincoln Dinner presented by the Queens Village Republican Club on Sun. Mar. 19. This club has earned & deserves recognition for being the oldest & very active, Republican Club in America. If you weren’t there, you missed the event of the year!”  – Barbara from Harlem, Mistress of Ceremonies

“Thank you so much! We, as well as our guests, had a wonderful time! Of course, it was an unforgettable night for Kristina, which she will cherish forever.”  – Irene Raevsky, mother of Kristina, Young American Patriot of the Year 

“You guys really know how to throw a party! The event today was fabulous, from start to finish! I had about 15 guests there, and they all said what a terrific event it was.  A few of them bought so many raffle tickets, they won 2 of prizes!  The event was so patriotic. Professional. Engaging….I was honored to be the recipient of your American Patriot of the Year award.  The plaque will hang in my office for all to see.  You are a wonderful club there, and I look forward to seeing you all again.” – Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, American Patriot of the Year

Comments by dinner guests:

“I’m really glad I attended the event last night. I had no idea there’s a group like that here in NYC. I thought I was the only Trump supporter in Queens.”

“Very successful fun event!”

“It was a blast, lots of interesting people, very inspiring speeches, and a positive atmosphere.” 

“The Lincoln Dinner was wonderful. Even better than last year. Food was fabulous….”

“Thanks so much for putting together such a beautiful Dinner event as usual… Definitely like to attend next monthly meeting and forward….Like to volunteer for your Club.”

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox at the podium, recipient of the American Patriot of the Year award is the brave NYS attorney who sued the government and successfully defeated Governor Hochul’s unconstitutional quarantine camp regulations. Photo credit: Jimmy Coppola
Lincoln Dinner honorees with Club President Phil Orenstein, L to R: Kristina Raevsky, Young American Patriot of the Year; Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, American Patriot of the Year; Cara Castronuova, Republican Woman of the Year; Tony Nedunilam, Businessman of the Year; Cecily Routman, Sanctity of Life honoree; Tricia Lindsay, Esq., Medical Freedom honoree. Photo credit: Cathy Murawski
Club Board Member Aura Moody working the room at the Lincoln Dinner. Epoch Times, the sponsor of the Lincoln Dinner, can be seen with their banner in the back of the hall. Photo credit: Jimmy Coppola
These stunning ladies in red are our beautiful and talented Club Board Members, the life of the dinner party,  Suzy Chronowitz, Aura Moody, and 3rd Vice President Laura Schmitt. Photo credit: Suzy Chronowitz
Marly Hornik, the Executive Director of NY Citizens Audit, fighting to restore the integrity of NYS elections, delivered the Lincoln Address. Photo credit: Cathy Murawski
Kristina Raevsky with keynote speaker, Steve Cortes. Photo credit: Aura Moody
Father Paul Palesty of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church presents the Opening Prayer. Photo credit: Cathy Murawski
Lively Music and Dancing was the grand finale of the Lincoln Dinner! Photo credit: Jimmy Coppola

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