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Video: Joseph Concannon – Glen Oaks Village Press Conference

Joseph Concannon – Glen Oaks Village Press Conference

Residents of the Glen Oaks Village Co-Op gathered with city council candidate Joseph Concannon on Tuesday (12-13-16) to raise their voices after going without gas in their homes since Nov. 3rd. The presser was fully covered by the media, Queens Tribune reporting, “A Month Without Gas in Glen Oaks”   and Times Ledger, “Gas pains at Glen Oaks.”  Concannon cried out admonishing the elected officials and city agencies who were AWOL and the powers that be: “City of New York: wake up. Get the gas back on here.” The gas was turned on after the presser as reported in Queens Chronicle, “Glen Oaks gets gas fixed after presser” and Queens Courier, “UPDATE: Glen Oaks co-op residents regain gas service after being without for more than five weeks.”

Add this successful restoration of service to the list of Joe Concannon’s accomplishments to better the quality of life for all residents  in Council District #23, as one more reason that we need to elect Joe as our City Councilman in 2017! Here is the video of the press conference in full. 

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