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In response to a plethora of Trump bashing letters to the editor of local Queens newspapers, especially those printed in the Queens Chronicle, firing back I wrote the following, which was published in this week’s issue:

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2016 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Recent letters have witnessed the usual suspects maligning the Republican Party and its presidential candidate, who represents the leadership that America needs in a time of peril, to bring back jobs, opportunity, hope, optimism, prosperity and safety to a nation embroiled in conflict and division.

This is what America is all about, the battle of opinions and ideas embodied in the peaceful transfer of power by the democratic process of voting. But the choice is a no-brainer not only for Republicans but many Democrats and unaffiliated voters as well. The letter writers’ apparent hostility toward Republicans aside, the ultimate battle boils down to an easy choice for anyone with a sense of decency, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, as shameful as that is, since the latter deserves a ball and chain.

One candidate represents law and order in a time of a profusion of police assassinations, Islamist terrorist attacks murdering hundreds of innocent victims, Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther protesters calling for more violence, and our country and the world plunging into chaos. The flames of peril have been stoked by Obama and Clinton, who have divided and inflamed the nation with misguided rhetoric of racism and social injustice rather than respect for law enforcement, public safety and national security — which is the foremost function of government.

The past two decades of Clinton scandals are well known, from Travelgate where Hillary played a central role in firing and impugning the White House Travel Office employees who served seven presidents, bringing in their Hollywood friends, to their repeated obstructions of justice and abuses of power related to the Whitewater investigation, to Hillary’s cattle futures trade turning $5,000 into half a million, to the current Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandals of selling favors to our enemies, including the Saudis and Iran — and the Russian acquisition of 20 percent of our uranium reserves with Hillary’s sanction as secretary of state.

The fact that FBI Director Comey cited Clinton for violations of the public trust and “gross negligence” with national defense secrets on her private email server, and she was allowed to get off scot-free for crimes which would have landed any one of us in jail, is only the latest instance of the Clintons being notoriously above the law.

Our country cannot afford four years of contempt for law and order, and the destruction of the institutions of our great country. The choice is obvious.

Phil Orenstein
President, Queens Village Republican Club
Queens Village

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  1. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

    Phil you nail it again with the truth. Bravo !

  2. Marion Higgins

    Talk about a rigged system. No matter what damage Clinton has done to America and to its citizens, there’s no consequence. By the way, this morning, FOX 5 showed Bloomberg endorsing Clinton. The convicted felon, Sheldon Silvers, was standing directly behind him..

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