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The January 6th Committee. Unanswered Questions

By Stan Norwalk

The House of Representative under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi created the January 6th Commission to investigate the riot at the U.S. Capitol. The biased, self-serving commission did not allow President Trump to defend himself, have attorneys present, and have witnesses to testify on his behalf or present contrary evidence. Videos were edited to eliminate any exculpatory evidence that would help the President. In essence it was a witch hunt. Below are some of the questions that we should be asking:

  1. Why were real Republicans rejected to be on the January 6th committee but two Trump hating RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) were accepted?
  2. Why did the committee consist of people with “TDS” Trump derangement syndrome, aka “Never Trumpers”?
  3. Why was exculpatory evidence withheld from the hearings?
  4. Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have lawyers present to the hearings?
  5. Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have his witnesses testify on his behalf?
  6. Why wasn’t Trump or his lawyers allowed to make statements in support of his defense?
  7. Why were Trumps warnings of excessive crowds heading to D.C, unheeded and never entered as evidence?
  8. Why were Trump’s offers to have up to 20,000 extra security personnel along with U.S. Capitol Police, Washington D.C. Police, and the National Guard rejected by Mayor Bowser and Nancy Pelosi who was in charge of the Capitol building security along with the Capitol Police Chief? And never entered as evidence. Was Trump being set up for failure?
  9. Why did Nancy Pelosi reject the requests from the Capitol Police Chief just days before the protest rally to have more security as there was awareness of large crowds coming to the protest? And this never entered as evidence.
  10. What did Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Bowser know and when did they know it? Were they setting up Trump for failure to ruin his chances at another run for President?
  11. Why was the video evidence edited out by the January 6th committee of President Trump’s speech before the march to the Capitol building, saying “now go forth peacefully and patriotically and make your voices heard”? It was edited out. It was never entered as evidence.
  12. Why were 16,000 hours of video concealed, hidden, and not presented in the hearings or available to defendants to help in their defense? What are they hiding in these 16,000 hours of video? Perhaps it will show that many of the arrested are not guilty and the Capitol Police and others encouraged, escorted, and led the protesters in and around the Capitol building and that two heavy Capitol Building Rotunda doors weighing 20,000 pounds and secured with a magnetic code were opened electronically from the inside with the code that only authorized Capitol personnel have. Someone gave the command to open these doors, but why?

There was one simple solution that the hundreds of personnel who were running the show, like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mayor Bowser, the head of Capitol Police, Washington D.C Police, and undercover cops, FBI, DOJ, and others could have done. The solution was to close and lock all the doors!

This appears to be collusion and a deliberate political act, all acting in concert to make a sitting President look like a traitor and or an insurrectionist when in fact it was just the opposite. It’s right in front of their noses.

CLOSE AND LOCK ALL THE DOORS if you really don’t want trouble. Perhaps they, the Trump-haters wanted trouble!

The 16,000 hours of video tape was never offered as evidence or allowed by the January 6th committee so the defendants and their lawyers would have the opportunity to show that many of the protestors were just walked around waiving their flags and protest banners. This was called an insurrection. That would not apply because you can’t have an insurrection without weapons, and none were found. More questions to ask:

  1. When Trump saw what was happening he asked the crowds to disburse and go home peacefully. Another question we should be asking is why was the following statement by Trump edited out of the video evidence presented before the January 6th committee?  Trump said. “But you have to go home now, we have to have peace. We have to have law and order; we have to respect our great people in law and order.” It was never entered as evidence.
  2. How is it that the protesters who were held in jail were not given their constitutional rights of being arraigned and charged within the constitutional legal time limits?
  3. Why weren’t the protesters who were arrested and held for such a long time before being charged and arraigned within the time restraints under the law? Once you have been arrested on a federal complaint and warrant, the government must hold a preliminary exam with 14-21 days unless you waive your rights consent, and good cause is shown. Otherwise, the rules require that you be released.
  4. Why were the protesters held being denied a fast and speedy trial?
  5. Why were many of the protesters being delayed to post bail?
  6. Why were some of the protesters being held not given proper medical care?
  7. Why wasn’t the murder of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed white female Air Force veteran who was climbing through a broken door window and shot in the back, not mentioned or properly investigated? The Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt (had a previous record of mishaps) did not follow the departments gun rules of engagement.
  8. Why was the video of Ashli Babbitt edited out? Moments just before she was killed, police were ordered away from where she was killed. This has the appearance of some sort of scheme that was about to unfold but went wrong.
  9. Why didn’t the many security forces close and lock the doors?
  10. Why were there many undercover people in the crowd who were pretending to be part of a group known as the “Proud Boys” to be waiving the protesters to move forward and encouraging them to enter the building (This just came out recently April 11, 2023). These alleged “Proud Boys” were never called as witnesses because the January 6th committee were all Trump haters including two Republicans. Their testimony would have exposed the intent of the Democrats which was to prove that Trump incited the riot.
  11. Why did Nancy Pelosi declare that the January 6th, 2021 protest and trespassing into the Capitol building to be the worst event in American history? No weapons were found and only one death occurred that day, that of Ashli Babbitt.
  12. Why were the Capitol Police and other security forces encouraging and waiving the protestors into the Capitol building?
  13. Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi or the capitol police and undercover agents just order all the doors to be closed and locked which would have ended the intrusion into the Capitol building? Was this a plan to demonize President Trump by engineering a total invasion into the Capitol building?
  14. Why weren’t thousands of hours of tapes omitted and not used as evidence in the Jan 6 investigation? Perhaps this evidence would have exonerated many including the President and shown culpability by Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, the Washington D.C. Mayor, and the Democratic leadership?
  15. Why wasn’t Nancy Pelosi who was in charge, never called as a witness?
  16. Why were the Capitol police who were working directly outside the Capitol building energetically and enthusiastically waving the crowd toward and into the building? Was this a Democrat conspiracy to encourage potential criminal activity and later call it an insurrection and blame it on President Trump?
  17. Why were the Capitol police who were working inside the building waving people along and not stopping them? In some cases even leading them through the building.
  18. Why did the Capitol police who were standing in front of unarmed Ashley Babbitt as she was struggling to creep through a tight broken window leave their posts momentarily before she was murdered by another Capitol policeman? They leave her seconds before she was shot dead. They are waving each other away and left their posts.

Was this coincidental or was there another motive? She was unarmed and caught in a tight window space and posed no threat to anyone but herself with the possibility of being injured with broken glass and wood.

There are strict rules of engagement for an officer of the law to use deadly force. That is he was in no immediate danger, she posed no threat to him or anyone else, she showed no weapons, there was no report that she verbally threatened anyone, her back was to the police officer who murdered her so what was his mental state or motive.

His reason for using deadly force was flawed and criminal. He has had issues in the past. There was a feeble investigation, ultimately making him a hero, gave him an award and cleared his name of any wrongdoing.

I have held two hand gun carry permits, received specialized training in the use of a firearm, trained on the rules of engagement and the laws that govern firearms and know unless you or someone else is in imminent danger of bodily harm you cannot use a firearm to shoot someone. Even if the perpetrator is walking away with your $100,000 dollar diamond ring. In my opinion I believe that there was no probable cause, no imminent threat of bodily harm to that officer or others and that officer committed the crime of murder and should be charged with a capital crime. Another chapter in the Washington swamp and deep state. Justice for me but not for thee.

Nancy Polisi should have been charged with at least gross negligence and dereliction of duty. She should have resigned as speaker of the house.

Nancy Pelosi dramatically called Jan 6th the worse day in American history? Did Nancy forget that there were far worse days than the 1 day event of January 6th 2021 as she proclaimed it the worst day in American history? It appears as if she never passed her history courses.

How about:

* The Civil War fought to hold the union together and free the slaves where 520,000 + mostly young lives were lost, bodies maimed, minds broken, families left in pain never to be whole again.

* World War I with 116,708 American deaths, 204,000 wounded and 757 civilian deaths.

* The Great Depression

* Pearl Harbor with the loss of 2,335 American military lives , 68 civilians, and what about the 1,143 wounded military plus 35 civilians never to be whole again? Pearl Harbor brought us into World War II with the greatest loss of lives in history.

* World War II, the deadliest military conflict in history where 407,000 American serviceman and woman were killed, + 12,000 civilians wounded and maimed for the rest of their lives? The deadliest war in history with the loss of 70-85 million lives lost mostly civilians.

* Korean War, 5 million dead, including 40,000 Americans dead 100,000 wounded.

* Did she forget the lies (the Domino theory) that brought us into the unpopular Viet Nam War killing 58,220 American men and woman and wounding severely hundreds of thousands? If you wanted to stop the spread of communism why Viet Nam, go right to the source which is China.

* Vietnam War protests across America i.e. the murders at Kent State University in May of 1970 of unarmed students protesting, 4 were shot dead and 9 wounded by the Ohio National Guard.

* Deadliest terror attack in the world happened right here in the USA, the 9/11 attacks. Did she forget the terrorist attacks on 4 airplanes terrorizing passengers (246 passengers dead), 2 planes crashing into the world trade towers (2,753 dead), and 1 into the Pentagon building (184 dead) and 1 into the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania (40 dead) .Total deaths 3,223.

* What about the Iraq War where the world was told there were weapons of mass destruction which were never found? Many of our allies said wait and let’s see the final report by the United Nations investigation. What we got was bedlam in the Middle East and more dead and wounded American soldiers.

President Bush had them down to his ranch in Texas, many paraplegics, crippled and with PTDS, invited for a bicycle run and then a BBQ. More young people’s lives and those of their families ruined in the name of what? Poor leadership.

* Wars where we were unable to get any significant victories. America fought five major wars after 1945 including Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan in addition to some minor wars in Somalia, Yemen, and Libya.

The January 6th committee is a biased, political, undemocratic, one-sided witch hunt to destroy an ex-President who they fear if he runs again in 2024 will win. Why, because if he wins, he will uncover some of the largest abuses of power by corrupt individuals, politicians, organizations, lobbyists, and PACs in Washington D.C. where power and money rules and not the interests of the American people. “MAGA” is the enemy of the “deep state” and their “swamp.”

Wake up America and stop voting for the same losers. Vote for yourself, your family, and your future which right now looks bleak. Don’t vote party, vote policy whether that person is a Democrat, Independent, or Republican. And for heaven’s sake that candidate doesn’t have to look like you for you to vote for them. Stop voting against yourself!

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