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The Silent Creep of Communism Infecting America

The Silent Creep of Communism Infecting America

By Professor Nicholas Giordano

Over the past decade, communist and Marxist principles have been gaining traction in the United States, as evidenced by the far-left ideologies embraced by the Democratic Party and the destructive policies of the Biden administration. However, these ideologies are fundamentally incompatible with the values and principles that define American society. To prevent their spread, it is crucial that we take immediate steps to halt their encroachment.

This march toward communism can be partly attributed to a failed education system that promotes indoctrination over American values. Too many believe that the United States is inherently evil and corrupted by a capitalist economic system. This view ignores the fact that capitalism has lifted millions of people out of poverty and is responsible for much of the progress that we have made over the past two centuries.

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