PRESS RELEASE: “Support Your Local Police” Rally & Press Conference

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January 5, 2015
CONTACT: Joseph Concannon
347-946-1931    jconcannon@joe4NY.org

TUESDAY JANUARY 13, 2015 – 12:00 NOON

Residents and community leaders of Queens, New York City and Long Island will be gathering in front of Queens Borough Hall on Tuesday January 13th at 12 noon to deliver a united message that the vast majority of New Yorkers proudly support the NYPD and the rule of law. The rally and press conference is a nonpartisan, non-political grassroots event that will be attended by various Queens and Long Island civic associations, ethnic, religious, veterans, business, political and fraternal organizations.

Unlike the divisive rhetoric coming out of City Hall and the deafening silence on supporting law enforcement from any elected official in Queens County, we will deliver a message of unity, not division, and support for the men and women of the NYPD who put their lives on the line every day to protect us and keep our communities safe.

Retired NYPD Captain Joe Concannon is the organizer of the series of city-wide rallies, beginning on January 13th at high noon on the steps of Queens Borough Hall and converging on City Hall at a later date. In addition to his 25 year career in law enforcement, Mr. Concannon worked under Mayor Giuliani as the Deputy Director of Public Safety and ran for public office on a platform of public safety. He has also won accolades for his 13 years of leadership with the FBI’s InfraGard for both his outstanding “Leadership” and “Community Outreach.”

Captain Concannon said, “Public safety is the cornerstone of our civilized society. The police are the thin blue line that separates civilization from chaos. Our mayor has been tearing down the NYPD consistently for the past two years since he was campaigning for mayor. It is now time to govern. The city council and many elected officials have praised and supported the divisive anti-police protests which have led to violence, riots, assaults on police officers and the assassination of two of New York’s Finest.”

Recalling the phenomenal transformation of the “Rotten Apple,” as our city was once known, Concannon said, “thanks to the NYPD, America’s greatest police department, with Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg watching their backs, our city was transformed. We cannot lose what we have gained in the prevention and suppression of crime, disorder and fear, and return our communities and our streets to the ruling drug, homicide, and street gangs, foreshadowed by the anarchy and chaos we have recently witnessed. The reason why I organized these rallies is because I believe in a better New York and the preservation of every community.”

The speakers list includes leaders of the various civic, ethnic, religious, and business communities of Queens and metro New York. Their aim is to deliver a strong and simple message that the vast majority of New Yorkers Support their Local Police. On January 13th, our voices will ring out loud and clear to the mayor, the city council, the president, and all elected officials that we support and appreciate the work of the NYPD who have made our city the safest large city in the nation.

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