Hey, NYPD: “We Got Your Back!”

Hey, NYPD: “We Got Your Back!”

By Tony Melé, published in Rockland Voice. RocklandVoice.com was created by Citizen Journalists, Opinion Writers and Local Businesses to support and inform ALL of the voices of Rockland County, New York.

Support Your Local Police Planning Committee Meeting Photo credit: Orenstein

Support Your Local Police Planning Committee Meeting
Photo credit: Orenstein

A counter-rally in support of the New York City Police Department has begun to pick up steam with several rallies planned throughout New York extending over the next few months.  support your local police press release

NYPD Retired Capt. Concannon, Organizer, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE   Photo credit: Concannon

NYPD Retired Capt. Concannon,
Photo credit: Concannon

An Ad-Hoc committee called: “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE” is being organized by a diverse group of citizens in Queens, New York.   Retired NYPD Captain Joe Concannon is an “organizer of the series of city-wide rallies, beginning on Tuesday, January 13th at high noon on the steps of Queens Borough Hall and converging on a date to be determined at City Hall in March 2015″.

Joe Concannon said; “Public safety is the cornerstone of our civilized society. The police are the thin blue line that separates civilization from chaos.”   

The event organizers have established a facebook page with all of their information:


Co-organizer Phil Orenstein has drawn together an impressively diverse group of concerned neighbors and citizens representing a broad cross section from the Asian, Latino, Jewish, and retired military veterans communities, as well as representatives from the Coptic Egyptian community, who drove down from Philadelphia to express their support.


Sandra Wideman,  a dedicated spokesperson and Vice-President, Voice of the Copts articulated her groups solidarity with the people of New York City.   She said; “New York Police Officers murdered by a deranged murderer motivated by politicized propaganda is no different than Coptic Christians being attacked by radical Jihadist or Journalist killed in Paris by Islamic terrorist .”

Jennifer Chu  Community Organizer photo credit: Rosenberg NYPostJennifer Chu  Community Organizer
photo credit: Rosenberg NYPost

Jennifer Chu, a demure but formidable community organizer, that collected 3,000 signatures for the citizens group, ELMHURST UNITED; volunteered to take on the task of channeling information to the Chinese speaking Asian Community.  This incident awakened a quiet resolve to show support for all of NYPD, resulting from the  murder of one of their own; Detective Wen Jian Liu, killed with his Latino partner Rafael Ramos.  She said; “Our community supports and respects the NYPD and we will get the word out to come out and show it.”

Every person in attendance agreed unanimously with Joe Concannon’s statement; “The reason why I organized these rallies is because I believe in a better new York and preservation of every community.”    Mr. Concannon worked under Mayor Giuliani as the Deputy Director of public safety and won accolades for his 13 years of leadership with the FBI’s InfraGard for both is outstanding “Leadership” and “Community Outreach.”

The organizers intend to keep the Rallies non – political, dedicated only to demonstrate unwavering support for NYPD law enforcement officers.  The Organization Committee meeting discussed many of these new officers are young recruits and rookies, that are paid $30,000 a year to take on enormous responsibilities, and make executive level decisions on a daily basis.  The group concluded, they deserve to hear a message and witness an unmitigated show of support in the wake of these demeaning, vitriolic demonstrations that led to the assassinations of Detectives Liu and Ramos by a radicalized individual identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley.    NY POST REPORT COPS SHOT IN BROOKLYN

They encourage participants to makes signs and placards that are non- offensive, politically neutral, and express support and respect for the majority of NYPD Officer’s laying it all on the line out on the streets everyday, with little or no gratitude from the public.    FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:   Joseph Concannon  at 347-946-1931  jconcannon@joe4NY.org

The message will be loud and clear for all of New York City to hear:  “Hey, NYPD, We got your back!”

They prepared a video message here: UNITY RALLY FOR NYPD

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