Club’s 1st Health, Wellness & Fun Fair, an amazing success!!

Club’s 1st Health, Wellness & Fun Fair at Alley Pond Park

When we say, “we’re not just a political club, the Queens Village Republican Club is an experience,” we mean it! We just enjoyed the experience of our club’s 1st Community Health, Wellness, and Fun Fair at Alley Pond Park on August 26th, and it was a smashing success! In the words of one of the participants: “great day, great weather, great crowd, great cause!”

Volunteers from our club all came together as an outstanding united team, to meet, to plan, to strategize, and promote the event with over 2000 flyers, man the carnival game tents, tatooing table, serving food, providing equipment, tents, chairs, tables, coolers and so much more. We can’t thank everyone enough for all the valuable time, energy, sweat and unified efforts for the success of this important community event. Most of all, our greatest applause and kudos go to Judy Lombardi, who did the lion’s share of the day-to-day legwork, organization, coordination, calls, recruiting, and daily emails, and to Ira Harris, whose leadership, inspiration and passion kicked off this grand idea. The idea was to intoduce our community to the Republican Party in order to open minds, overcome prejudices, learn and get involved, by hosting a community event which allows each and every one of us to interact with our neighbors in friendly and fun setting. We accomplished our aim magnificently and the good will and positive feelings we generated in the community on Saturday, August 26th are worth more than what 1000’s of words can accomplish! 

Of our many honorable sponsors of the fair, two Gold Sponsors stand out for their abundant generosity and good will: Chase Bank and Nikoloz Chkheidze, MD. Our deepest thanks go out to those who provded the delicious and nutritious food. Outback Steakhouse provided 10 buffet trays of hot food and salads, Buddy’s Kosher Deli provided over 150 cooked Kosher hot dogs and rolls, Elaine Kim cooked a tray of the most delicious dumplings, Qdoba Mexican Eats provided a plentiful sampling of hot buffet items at their tent, Edible Arrangements provided samples, chocolate dipped stawberries, and delicious Smoothies which had long lines waiting for more, Dave Bressler‘s company provided dozens of Entenmann’s donuts, not so healthy but so yummy, and more! 

Here are some more photos of this amazing event: 

A scary fellow!

A Hoop Shot winner with William Horowitz running the carnival games

Face painting and non-permanent tatooing.

Wrapping it up

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