By Howard Neiman, Ph.D.

The Democratic Socialists of America Are Coming!   The Democratic Socialists of America Are Coming!

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), are a sinister political attack force, a clear and present danger whose soldiers include AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Caban and many others, and they have Queens in their cross-hairs.

Backed by Justice Democrats, Soros’ Open Society Foundations and an army of pumped social justice warriors, DSA is awfully well organized, strategized, funded, prepped and scripted.  They target vulnerable districts in primaries and set loose their army to get out the vote against unprepared, poorly organized and underfunded moderate democrats.  They unseat their party’s incumbent and then brazenly thrust their DSA candidate in front of an all too cooperative media, positioning themselves for a win in the general election where they pose a severe threat to us all, as AOC and her infamous cohorts constantly demonstrate. 

The more we allow DSA and their leftist agitators (including some democratic presidential candidates) to infiltrate our body politic unchallenged, the more we’ll feel the wild sway of that dangerous DSA tail wagging all of our country.

We watch their “social justice” rants on media in disbelief.  We feel we’re helplessly witnessing a subversive scheme to defy and then undo western civilization, truth, history, reality-based compassionate justice, and the dual pillars of family and community indispensable to a healthy functioning society. 

If these nihilistic frontline DSA troops advance and we don’t launch an equally organized political offense to crush them, we will see crime, taxes and homelessness shoot up in Queens while our property values, personal safety and economic growth plummet.

How do we resist?

Register to vote.  Get your friends and family to register too. The polls are where they will be stopped.

Join the Republican party.  Double your impact by voting against them twice – once in your party’s primary where you can advance the Republican candidate best able to defeat the increasingly radical democrats on election day, and then vote again for the Republican candidate on election day. 

There are those who claim it’s best to register democrat so you can elect the more centrist democrat in the primary.  That strategy doesn’t seem to be working so well as the democratic party just keeps skidding left. (By the way, please understand that even if you join a party, you’re free to vote for whomever you want on election day).

I recommend registering Republican:
(1) For the personal integrity of joining a party that reflects your values, a party that will advocate for your values and place those values unashamedly front and center;
(2) To select and run truly powerful and talented powerful Republicans who will defeat increasingly radical Democrats in Queens;
(3) To ensure President Trump wins when that inevitable RINO Republican primaries him in 2020;
(4) To Make Queens Republican Again.

Click these links to register to vote and mark the Republican box to join the party:



Finally, have full unwavering confidence in your Republican values.  Fearlessly and unapologetically assert and reassert and assert again your rational, reality-based, compassionate understanding of the world. Repeatedly give voice, in person, on social media. Defend and uphold your universal unassailable moderate reality-based Republican truths without flinching. 

Finally, join your Republican Patriot friends in this critical endeavor by checking out our meetings at either the Queens Village Republican Club, the Whitestone Republican Club or the Rockaway Republican Club.  Share your passion and your talents.  We need you.  President Trump needs you.  America needs you.

Howard Neiman, Ph.D.
Queens Republican County Committee

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