Our Club’s Annual Columbus Day Dinner

THURSDAY OCT. 3, 2019 at 7:30 PM

*** Nancy’s Restaurant ***
255-41 Jericho Tpke, Floral Park, NY

Columbus Day Dinner

Dinner $45 (optional). Please RSVP. See notice below.
Call James Trent 718-343-8830 or email at jtrent8830@aol.com to RSVP.   

ONWARD TO 2020!!

With Special Guest Speakers:


Republican candidate seeking the nomination for US Congress in New York 14th Congressional District running against AOC.


Republican candidate for the South Bronx congressional seat of the departing Rep. Jose Serrano in New York 15th Congressional District.

With a special Introduction by

Founder of the Guardian Angels,
WABC radio talk show host.


Republican candidate for NY 3rd Congressional District.

See speaker’s bios below.
Other speakers and special guests to be announced!


It still stands! Christopher Columbus Statue in
Columbus Circle in New York City. De Blasio’s
notorious Statue Commission tried and failed to
take it down. Viva Columbus and the discovery
of America, 1492! 

We are continuing our hallowed tradition of a delectable dinner offering at our October meeting at Nancy’s Restaurant in Floral Park (255-41 Jericho Turnpike) in celebration of Columbus Day.

The purchase of the meal is optional, but we encourage everyone to enjoy the fine cuisine. For a price of $45 which includes tax and tip, a four-course dinner will be served with a choice of two salads and a choice of nine entrees. Coffee or tea and soda included. Cash bar is available. Parking is available at a metered municipal (Floral Park Village) parking field on the south side of Jericho Turnpike directly across the street. Nancy’s has been in business for well over 50 years and receives rave reviews.

Join us for this pleasant culinary experience while enjoying informative speakers. It is important that you reserve in advance, although payment at the door is acceptable. Please call 718-343-8830 or email at
jtrent8830@aol.com to leave a reservation.                             



Scherie Murray was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and came to New York City with her family when she was nine. Growing up in Southeast Queens, Scherie learned early on about the importance of hard work, the value of a good education and the strength of a united community.

Scherie went to I.S. 192 where she was a gymnast. She then graduated with an outstanding community service award from the Law, Government and Community Service Magnet High School (formerly Andrew Jackson H.S.) and became the captain of her high school’s gymnastics team.

When she was 17, Scherie worked as a systems analyst for the NYC MTA Jamaica Bus Depot. While earning her Associate of Applied Science in Micro Computer Business Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism, Scherie taught gymnastics for an after-school program in Far Rockaway, Queens. She also volunteered and served as senior editor on her college newspaper – The New Tech Times.

In 2004, Scherie had a vision of starting her own company. With a mission to address the lack of minorities in media, Scherie created The Esemel Group. Through advertising, production and programming work, Esemel generated employment opportunities for minorities in New York City.

Scherie is also a proud Veterans advocate and continually works to revitalize her district by advocating for small businesses and economic development, promoting more school choices for parents, strengthening community police relations with commonsense solutions, and starting a larger dialogue around comprehensive immigration reform.


For over 20 years, Patrick Delices has been a proud resident of the South Bronx where he attended Cardinal Hayes High School and went on to earn a BA in International Relations and Black Studies along with an MS in Educational Administration and Supervision from the City College of New York.

Patrick also earned an Ed.M in Higher Education Administration from Teachers College, Columbia University; an MBA in Quantitative Finance, Business Law, and Global Business from New York University, Stern School of Business; and an MPA in International Economics Policy and Management from Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs.

He holds a certificate in Performance Measurement and Management from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government; a certificate in Decolonial Studies from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain; and a certificate in Critical Islamic Theology and Muslim Liberation Studies from the Universidad de Granada in Spain.

Patrick has over 20 years of experience working in higher education and social services primarily as a career services/job placement professional where he successfully provided job training and employment opportunities for students, alumni, and community residents. He also taught the History of Haiti, Caribbean Politics, Black Politics, and African-Caribbean International Relations at Hunter College and served as a research fellow at Columbia University for the late, Pulitzer Prize historian Manning Marable. Additionally, while at Columbia Patrick served to support the coordination and the facilitation of the Annual Mayor David Dinkins’ Leadership and Policy Forum.

Internationally, Patrick visited Algeria and various Western Sahara refugee camps on a fact-finding mission, and he facilitated a research project and conference in Haiti and led a group of college students for humanitarian relief/aid work to one of the poorest regions in the Dominican Republic. He also visited and conducted economic, political, and cultural research in Cuba, Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Egypt. Due to his local and global community work, Patrick received the Distinguished Alumni Award from New York University and the Outstanding Alumni Award from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Curtis Sliwa, known by millions as the founder and leader of The Guardian Angels, has greatly impacted the American way of life. Curtis refused to accept criminal activity and founded one of the world’s largest grassroots organizations.

In the late 1970’s New York City was a modern day equivalent of the Wild West. Murder and violent crime was the norm. A trip on the Subway was an exercise in urban survival. Residents of the City resigned themselves to the reality as the politicians and police seemed powerless. However a young man from Brooklyn, a former Jesuit student, felt someone had to do something. So he stepped forward. He knew that the City he was born in, the City he loved, deserved better. So Curtis Sliwa acted. What started as a group of him and a dozen other dedicated volunteers riding the subways of New York to serve as protectors of everyday law abiding citizens grew into the “Guardian Angels” that residents of the Big Apple have come to know and love. With their distinctive Red Berets they are as New York as Central Park or a potato knish. They operate under the motto “we dare to care” and have proved it over and over though the years, in some cases with their lives. These days the Guardian Angels have Chapters in Thirteen Countries and over one hundred cities. While the original hometown group of thirteen has grown to thousands across the globe the mission has not changed: to make a positive change in the community by involving members of our communities to step forward and take an active role. While the classic street patrols are the lifeblood of the organization we all know that reaching the youth in our neighborhoods, especially the most at risk, is crucial, so once again the Guardian Angels is meeting the need. The “Junior Angels” program, their Youth Outreach programs, and their Washington Heights Community Center, provides help for kids with everything from homework to nutrition while getting them actively involved in their community. What Curtis Sliwa believed back in the beginning and does till this day is that when people take an active role in their community it makes things better for all of us.


Born in Jackson Heights, Queens to immigrant parents, George Anthony Devolder Santos grew up in a tight-knit Queens family. His parents, Fatima Devolder and Junior Santos were both born in Brazil.  Each emigrated to the United States as young adults, where they met, married and started a family.

George’s career has been in finance. After graduating he began working at Citigroup as an associate and quickly advanced to become an associate asset manager in the real asset division of the firm. Soon after he was offered a position at growing Turkish-based Tech hospitality firm Metglobal where he led business development efforts growing the US presence of the firm. George was then offered an exciting opportunity with Goldman Sachs as a project manager in the GSAM Division.  Shortly after he was approached by his current employer, LinkBridge Investor, where he quickly advanced to become one of the youngest vice presidents in the industry. He now leads the Americas region business development team.

George was instilled with a passion for philanthropy from an early age. He and his family are engaged in helping children with EB-(Epidermolysis Bullosa). Through various nonprofit organizations across the country supporting children worldwide, they have been proud supporters of organizations that help these children in remote parts of the world.

George founded and ran a nonprofit 501(c)(3) called Friends of Pets United (FOPU) from 2013 – 2018.  This animal rescue operation was able to effectively rescue 2400 dogs and 280 cats and successfully conducted TNR (trap neuter and release) of over 3000 cats.

In his spare time George enjoys volleyball and tennis and has entered numerous amateur tournaments across the Tri-state area. He is an avid reader and enjoys books ranging from science fiction to autobiographies.

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