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Mitt Romney is a disgrace to the Republican Party. We don’t need genteel, collegial Republicans to complain about President Trump’s “unpresidential” behavior in the White House.  Romney is emerging as the ringleader of the insane Republican resistance, now jumping into the impeachment witch-hunt. “The American people chose a barbarian for president because they knew only a barbarian could drain the Washington swamp,” wrote Miranda Devine in the New York Post (10/7/19). 

A letter writer sarcastically thanks Romney for four more unwanted years of Obama, and asks that he show some guts and switch parties. “The GOP doesn’t need his kind,” he writes. Mitt Romney may be an accomplished business manager and venture capitalist, but he’s not a fighter nor is he the right person to take on the Democrat Party, which is now run by radical anti-Semitic socialists. Classic Liberalism is dead and this is no longer your father’s Democrat Party.

The new Republican fighter is emerging, in the mold of our great leader, President Trump. Freedom and democracy has never been won with passive dialogues of peace and serenity, but with the steel spines and iron fisted resolve of great men and women of our nation, who have fought bravely against the enemies of America and our liberties. In 1776, these Patriots stood up to fight for Liberty against the lack of representation in England, and secured our freedom and independence from the British Crown. Union soldiers fought and died for our equality, dignity, and unity as fellow countrymen and human beings. The Greatest Generation overcome their material comforts and left their families to wage war overseas against totalitarianism, fascism, and tyranny. Here in NYC, the brave men and women of law enforcement sacrifice their comforts and their lives every day for the safety and security of every New Yorker. Victorious on every battlefield, from the mean streets of New York City to every remote corner of the globe, these patriots make America the great shining light of freedom, democracy and prosperity for the world as we are today.

We are the Republican fighters for liberty, justice and our America. There is no room for complacency, compromise, or ulterior motives in pursuit of this just and noble cause. Our values and our way of life as Americans are in peril. We need to fight purely because we realize we are on a sacred mission to defend our great country, our freedoms, our traditional values, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights, here in our local communities, right here in Queens, NY.

Now that we are under attack from the highly organized and bankrolled socialist left, we are making history as Republican Patriots challenging the political establishment and the radical left, to build a great new Republican organization of the people, not with bullets, but with ballots, proxies, and votes!

We will organize, recruit Republicans, and build a great GOP organization where every County Committee (Election District) seat is filled in every Assembly District in Queens. This is our battle. It’s the battle against our greatest enemies of all, which are apathy, inertia, and pessimism, where everyone’s voice counts in this fight, and every vote makes a difference. We are also fighting against the naysayers who declare, “it can’t be done, because it’s never been done before.”

History is made by the doers and the activists, not the naysayers and pessimists. It’s those who try and fail, and get up again and try one more time. We have to continue to go out and talk to the people, face to face, door to door, person to person, block by block, Election District by Election District, Assembly District by Assembly District. We need to meet and befriend our busy Republican neighbors and sincerely ask them to get involved to the extent that they can, and join our noble cause. Whether they become Republican County Committee leaders, or campaign volunteers, or attend our club meetings, and our glorious annual Lincoln Dinner, or merely donate much needed money, all their contributions to our movement are greatly appreciated.

Let us inform the voters of all parties, whether Democrat, Independence Party, or “Blank,” that Republicans share their values, and we all need to stand united against our leftist enemies. Inform them that the so-called moderate Democrats are in the Party of yesteryear, and their political leaders have lost their backbone, running scared in compromise with the left.

We need to speak up and debunk the widely held myths that all Republicans are wealthy upper class 1%-ers, white stuffed shirts, men’s clubbers, and racists. Rather, we share the same values and the promise of the American Dream with all our fellow hard-working American citizens of every race and ethnicity. We need to talk to the people, knock on doors, and win hearts and minds. Make our case to them and urge them to vote and register as Republicans. That’s the path to victory, to change our GOP organization, win elections, and change our government.

We need to bust the myths, and expose the bias and lies of the leftist fake news media and the long-standing indoctrination that we are the bad guys. Yes, that goes for the local Queens weekly newspapers, most of which are owned by leftwing corporate conglomerates. We need to educate the voters that we are not anti-immigrant, nor are we racists. Rather, we Republicans are members of all races, colors, creeds and we hail from all national origins, united as Americans first under our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, who support legal immigration.  We are not anti-labor union. Many of us are union workers, and we too desire better wages and working conditions for hard-working law-abiding American citizens, toiling every day to make life for their family’s future generations better than the last. Many unions oppose the Green New Deal and giving up their individual health plans for a Medicare for All program, and some supported Amazon’s headquarters in Queens. Not one union endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Labor unions are our natural allies. Republicans are not in favor of dismantling Social Security or the social safety net programs.  Rather we stand against out-of-control government spending that has wasted $ trillions on such catastrophes as the War on Poverty, and the billions of squandered tax dollars on NYC’s failed mental health plan, ThriveNYC, the disastrous Renewal School Program, and the list goes on and on.

It starts now. November 5th is the day of the General Election. We have to get out and vote and vote Republican, and bring our friends and neighbors to the polls and to our Republican club meetings, as we build our Party.

By Phil Orenstein, President
Queens Village Republican Club

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