November 3rd Election is a Referendum on de Blasio

November 3rd Election is a Referendum on de Blasio

Vote Republican

Our city is in peril and we need a change of course. This epic battle will play out on November 3rd when voters make their feelings known at the ballot box. We can change the dangerous direction our city is headed with a strong message, “Vote Republican” in the General Election.

Although we don’t expect a huge voter turnout, since there are no big national, congressional or state races this year, this coming election is nevertheless very critical for the future of New York City. By voting Republican and winning seats, we can provide balance and send a direct message to Mayor de Blasio, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and the nearly all-Democrat City Council, that we disapprove of what you are doing with our city, our neighborhoods, our business community, our law enforcement community, and our safety and security in the streets of the city. This General Election is a referendum on Bill de Blasio and his radical agenda for NYC.

Just last weekend 19 people were shot in Brooklyn and residents place the blame squarely on de Blasio’s police bashing campaign and curbs on the NYPD’s practice of Stop, Question and Frisk. Others were shot and three murdered in different parts of the city. Violent muggings have doubled this year in Central Park. There were shootings and robberies in Bellerose, Queens Village and other once quiet, peaceful towns that haven’t seen major crimes and violence in many years. Homeless vagrants are proliferating throughout the city’s parks, streets and sidewalks. Public urination, defecation and drug deals are taking place even in classy neighborhoods as the city council pushes to decriminalize low-level offences and misdemeanors.  On top of that, the City Council wants taxpayers to pay the bail of those accused of some misdemeanor crimes.

Mayor de Blasio is bringing back the second Dinkins administration. While our once safest big city in America returns to the bad old days of rampant crime and chaos, de Blasio is traveling across the country and the world preaching the gospel of climate change and income inequality.

The message many New Yorkers of all political stripes can send de Blasio is a loud unified NO! by voting Republican on November 3rd. For starters, we have a Special Election for the #23rd City Council District in Eastern Queens and Joseph Concannon will be running on the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party lines. Joe is a retired NYC Police Captain who now runs his own business. He has been the pillar of his community, a fighter for public safety and security, and people who know him, are putting all their heart and soul into helping him win this election since it will be the best thing that has happened to NYC in a long time. More than a city council race, this election will determine the future direction of our city and Joe is the best antidote to de Blasio.

Republican District Leader Scherie Murray is running for the 29th Assembly District seat in the November 3rd election to replace Assemblyman William Scarborough, who resigned after his indictment. Scherie is a caring, dynamic community leader who actively supports our police, our veterans, and speaks her mind candidly on important community issues even if she is not in accord with the status quo of her Southeastern Queens community.

She speaks out frankly on gun violence and crime prevention in her community, saying: “The community is crying and calling for Stop, Question and Frisk. I don’t like it to be abused, but it has been proven successful in policing neighborhoods of color. I think it’s ironic to take away a useful tool and then, when crime goes up, ask for more officers. Stop, Question and Frisk was used for effective crime prevention. Now the gangs feel comfortable because they know they won’t get stopped.”

We also have several outstanding Republican judicial candidates, for Queens County Civil Court. All with long-term experience in the legal field and proven track records, they are, Michael O’Reilly, Joseph Kasper, Kevin Hanratty, and Peter Vallone, Jr. who is cross-endorsed by the Republican Party.

Besides a mobilized Republican and Conservative base, many Democrats, Blanks and those of other party affiliations will likely be voting for Republican candidates in this election. It’s time to vote for the right person and cross party lines. De Blasio is killing our city. It’s time to send him a loud message by voting Republican on November 3rd and elect some hard-working community-minded leaders who care, and will make a big difference, and will fight to change the direction of New York City.

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