New York Board of Elections Must Be Audited

By Marly Hornik, Executive Director, NY Citizens Audit

Our forefathers and mothers knew well the dangers of blind trust in government. It was for this reason they meticulously crafted a zero-trust system, in which transparency and direct accountability are central to securing our inalienable right, that to live in a sovereign relationship with that infinite, mysterious power we call God.

It thus follows that our elections are a precious jewel. Because America is great, our elections are surrounded and protected by an interwoven tapestry of laws. To the bad actors, we declare, you cannot have our sparkling jewel and you will not be allowed to harm our nation.

In Hollywood, precious jewels are protected by laser beams, sensors, steel doors, alarms, and security guards. In our voting systems, that boundary is an auditable trail of records: chain of custody documents, professional risk assessments, technical specifications, rigorous identity verification, eligibility requirements, batch reconciliations, electronic registration databases, computer logs, surveillance footage, and more.

Our election officials are the security guards of this system. They must examine every one of these records to assure the laws were followed—that no breach of the system occurred, no matter how seemingly insignificant—and that the result therefore probably reflects the will of the people.  It is their affirmative duty to do this before certifying. To say an election can have integrity is as inane as charging a gun with murder. It is the integrity and determined patriotism of our election officials that ensures our elections are accurate, and We The People remain the sovereign of this nation.

When our election officials fail in securing our civil right to provable, legally compliant, auditable election outcomes, and arrogantly assert the authority to certify regardless, we have lost our first grand right. We have ceded our sovereignty under our Divine Maker to bureaucrats who decided to ignore the law. Whether they are incompetent or compromised makes no difference in the final accounting. If you doubt in the truth of my words, I encourage you to study the findings of NY Citizens Audit patiently and in depth; by a miracle we have uncovered a massive and deliberate crime: the manipulation of the NYS Voter Roll database, an emergency breach of our National Security Infrastructure. NY Citizens Audit has proven this over and over, and we will continue doing so until the courts cave under the weight of our evidence, and justice is restored for our people.

Please join NY Citizens Audit in demanding honest and provable elections, and an end-to-end audit of NY’s 2022 general election. Visit AuditNY.com for information, reports, and to volunteer or donate.

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  1. Miguelina

    Except for a couple of of professionals (far in between) the Queens Board of Election is not a user friendly place. I wanted to work for the 2022 midterm I left my information over the telephone waited but never got any notification. I was upset and angry because by the time I started to make an inquiry the classes were finished I may have the name of the female who took my information at one point we spoke in Spanish.
    When visiting the Boardcof Election I have never felt welcome.


    Miguelina Roman-Acosta 917-306-2938

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