Mayor de Blasio Insults the NYPD

Letter writer and Queens Village Republican Club member, Fred Bedell wrote the following poignant letter to our local Queens weekly newspapers:

support our policeMayor de Blasio has said after the Eric Garner decision that, he and First Lady Chirlane McCray had trained their biracial son Dante, about the dangers posed by cops. That to me is a clear insult to every man and woman in the NYPD who risk their lives everyday protecting every man, woman and child. Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association police union is very angry, as well as every officer who tries to do the right thing. Furthermore Patrick Lynch accuses the mayor of throwing the NYPD under the bus. Well that truly is no lie. Now for the NYPD to be effective in fighting crime and establishing a working relationship in the community for which they serve with honor and diligence, they need the mayor to have their back and to support them wholeheartedly. Mayor de Blasio needs to wake up and smell the coffee. He also needs to remember that,”United we stand, divided we fall!”

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

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  1. If you research the glaring racial disparities in our judicial system, you would be able to understand & respect the mayor & his wife’s decision. Minorities are 21 times more likely than whites to become victims of police brutality. Their actions aren’t insulting; They love their son & are doing what they can to protect him. We cannot always rely on the police to do their jobs properly, or trust that every cop is a good one. Sadly, that’s reality & it’s insensitive to claim parents in this country who have to have the same talks with their children need to “wake up & smell the coffee”. They are fully awake & unfortunately have been smelling the coffee long enough to know discussions like those are necessary.

  2. J. Market

    Black racism is killing us. Some racist are making excuses for unemployment, criminal behavior, drug use and broken families.
    Wake up America. Your being fooled by black racism and communism. You have no legal right to fight and kill police officers and accused them of being white racist just because their white and they defend themselves and others.
    Don’t resist arrest and don’t hurt cops. Please stop using race to divide us. Stop making excuses for every problem.
    It’s not police brutality. It’s resisting and fighting with cops. It’s brutality on cops.
    Don’t believe the lies. Just for the record I tell my kids to listen to the police too. You should encourage it. It’s the right thing. Stop hating cops.

  3. Fred Bedell

    Two police officers were just murder while serving and protecting the community. It is truly a most sad day.
    I ask all to pray for their families in this most difficult time. Fred Bedell

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