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Lincoln Dinner Video: Pierry Benjamin, Youth of the Year Honoree

Fred Brown, Francois and PierryThree generations of great New York City Republicans participated in the presentation of the “Youth of the Year” award to Pierry Benjamin at the 141st Anniversary Lincoln Dinner.

As he was making the introduction of Pierry, presenter Francois Wellington summed up the moment perfectly saying: “I am so honored to have two of the greatest people receiving awards here today. I have Fred Brown, who was my mentor. It’s incredible what he’s done for us. If you want to know the history, the beauty of what the Republican Party means to us, you sit down with Fred Brown, who told us as Democrats: ‘you’re Republican, you just don’t know it.’ Receiving the Youth of the Year award is the person I mentored, Pierry Benjamin. I used to be his youth minister and I am so proud of what he has achieved, so proud of the love and passion he has for young people.”

In humble gratitude Pierry expressed his deepest thanks to his mentors and caring friends with a stirring speech about “the three sincere things, which are preparation, words and the light that God has vested throughout everyone of us.”

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