Lincoln Dinner 2019: Celebrating the Greatness of America

“As the oldest Republican Club in America, it is your duty to carry the torch for the Republican Party and its core principles for the entire nation.” These were the encouraging words to our club from Lt. Col. Allen West, former Congressman from South Florida, who was the rousing keynote speaker at a past Lincoln Dinner.

To continue to honor our club’s national legacy, I have an exciting announcement to make.  On Sunday, March 24, 2019 we present our 144th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner in celebration of the greatness of America and our inimitable President Trump with nationally renowned keynote speakers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

Corey Lewandowski served as the chief political advisor and campaign manager to Donald J. Trump for President, and David Bossie, served as the deputy campaign manager and deputy executive director of the Presidential Transition Team. He also has served as president of the eminent conservative advocacy group, Citizens United since 2001.

They are currently on a nation-wide press tour for the launch of their just released blockbuster, “Trump’s Enemies.” On their local media appearances, they have been reminding viewers to come and see them in New York at our club’s annual dinner event. Corey tweeted to his 380,000 followers: “Excited to announce that @David_Bossie and I will join the Queens Village Republican Club at their 144th Lincoln Dinner on 3/24/19. All attendees receive a free copy of our latest book, ‘Trump’s Enemies.’ More to come!”

The book is a true to life account about the Deep State undermining the presidency, which reads like a Nelson DeMille thriller, that will keep you up at night. It is a must-read, whether or not you’ve been following the true story, which you won’t find in the Fake News media, about the vicious assault on our president and his America First agenda which began immediately following President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. Trump’s Enemies also details the triumphant accomplishments of our President’s first two years in office, the likes of which no president has ever achieved, to the jubilation of America’s voting populace who gave him their faith, trust, and confidence to Make America Great Again. This is the first-hand account of the battle for the very life of our democratic Republic.

A recent poll by the Media Research Center reveals that an astounding 90% of the major network news stories about President Trump are negative. Objectivity has disappeared as the once esteemed Forth Estate has become the public relations arm of the Democrat Party in an all-out assault on our President. Is it any wonder why the majority of Americans don’t realize the remarkable accomplishments the Trump administration makes every day? The greatest of these accomplishments as described in the book in a candid interview with the President, is the booming economy, putting more people to work today than ever before in the history of our country. 

It’s the story of the Deep State’s efforts to destroy President Trump and his presidency, from the day Donald J. Trump won the presidency, as the Clinton campaign created a phony narrative to blame their election loss on Russian collusion, to the members of the President’s own staff, the “resistance” embedded inside the White House trying to bring down the President. It’s also the story of how President Trump survives and continues to fight back against all the forces of power arrayed against him, and in the face of it all has achieved such historic accomplishments.  

We are thrilled to present these two celebrated American patriots to tell this story to an enthusiastic audience of our fellow Republicans and patriots at our gala dinner party at Antun’s of Queens Village, less than three miles from the Jamaica Estates home where our President was born and raised. To pave the way for the long-awaited return visit of President Trump to his hometown, we must fill the ballroom to capacity. Last year the popular Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin energized over 350 dinner guests with the message about American greatness. Our dinner party has notably earned the reputation as the highlight of New York City’s Republican political calendar, and has enjoyed the presence of Mayors Giuliani, Bloomberg, Congressman Peter King, LTC Allen West, Pamela Geller, Dan Bongino, Frank Gaffney and many other distinguished elected officials, dignitaries, war heroes, and scholars.

The renowned Antun’s Catering, 96-43 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village, is a venue in Eastern Queens, NY, where nearly every New York Governor, New York City Mayor, and President of the United States have been in attendance since the 1950s. To bring our President Trump back home to Queens, show your enormous support and be there on March 24th. Mark your calendars, purchase your tickets, spread the word to colleagues, friends and family, purchase a table, and take out an ad in our beautiful Lincoln Dinner Journal, a keepsake of this memorable event. Let’s carry the torch for the Republican Party and make the 144th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner the grandest of them all, and build up our club and the Party of Lincoln, in order to roll out the RED carpet at JFK Airport for the triumphant return of our President to his hometown, Queens, NY.

On behalf of the Queens Village Republican Club, board members and club officers, we send our best wishes to all for a safe, joyful and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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