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GOP City Council Candidate Alex Blishteyn Calls for Grassroots Support to Win

Alex BlishteynAlex Blishteyn, Republican candidate for City Council District 24, recieved the unanimous endorsement of the Queens Village Republican Club by a floor vote at the April General Club Meeting. He was already officially endorsed by the Queens County Republican Party. Our Club meeting on Thursday evening May 2, was redirected to the small center room of the Trattoria Lucia Restaurant due to a party (with a small “P”) in our regular meeting room. In a crowded but energized atmosphere, we heard from our local Northeastern Queens Republican City Council candidates as we mobilized for action to help them win City Council seats in the months ahead. We determined to unite behind our candidates.

Alex Blishteyn said that the Republican Party is not dead in Queens County.  We are conservatives with common sense.  We can’t afford to push businesses out of New York.  He said Republicans are “outmanned, outgunned, outspent,” but we can win.  We must go to our friends, neighbors and relatives, make phone calls, hand out flyers—we need grassroots support.  The Petitioning process to get on the ballot is about to start in June. That is the first step on the road to victory in November!

Visit Alex Blishteyn’s campaign website.

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