Creedmoor Becomes Drunken “Hotel California” For Many Illegal Immigrants

By Scott Michael Harney 

The Creedmoor “Bus Stop Bar” – Open 24 Hours

In the Eagles’ song “Hotel California,” you can check out but “you can never leave.”  The same apparently holds true for 1000 or so illegal aliens living off the taxpayer dollar at the Creedmoor Migrant Center on Hillside Avenue in Queens. The migrant center has been open for more than 60 days; however, the residents who were interviewed had no plans to leave, had no idea where they would live and had no job prospects.

On one recent afternoon, about twenty or so illegal aliens from Venezuela sat at the bus stop in front of the center, waiting for a bus that would never come, drinking from small “nip” bottles of alcohol.  One had a larger bottle of alcohol that he was pouring into cups for others, at the makeshift “bus stop bar.”  Several illegal aliens from African countries were smoking marijuana nearby, while a few other North Africans sat quietly reading the Quran. 

The Venezuelans were too inebriated to conduct an interview and became aggressive when this reporter tried to take their photo, not understanding that in a democracy, it is legal to take a photograph in a public place where there “is no expectation of privacy.”   At one point, there were too many illegals at the bus stop to pass by on the sidewalk.

One illegal alien from Sudan, who gave his name as “Adam,” said that he paid smugglers “thousands of dollars” for his initial passage from Sudan to Europe and then onward to Venezuela, where he made the trek with other North Africans to the southern border of the United States. Adam, like the majority of other military-age illegals from North Africa, Russia, China, Ukraine and other criteria countries, conveniently “lost” his passport, so there is no way to determine his true identify or if he was affiliated with any subversive or terrorist organizations.  These potential “sleeper agents” can now blend in with ethnic communities in NYC.

In the legal asylum system, overseen through US Embassies, name checks would have been performed to vet foreign nationals like “Adam,” and he would have most likely been refused entry to the US after it was determined that he was visiting for economic – or possibly nefarious – reasons. This invasion of more than 100,000 unvetted, aggressive young men was aided and abetted by globalist traitors in the Biden Administration, who have refused to protect the US border – and it some cases – have welded open the once-secure border wall constructed during the Trump administration.

The “open-borders” appears to be an intentional, coordinated policy, with the assistance from the communist government of Venezuela – a close ally of Communist China.  The Venezuelans are providing a safe haven and rest stop for the northward US “Trojan Horse” invasion.  The Biden Administration is either too inept – or complicit – in order to address this national security issue.  Human smuggling has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, that has all of the profit of drug trafficking – but few of the legal risks. The illegal alien invasion of New York City has also become a “cash cow” for the social justice warrior grifters in NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ office.

The NYC Covid-19 “Test and Treat” office has reinvented itself overnight as the “asylum seekers” office, managing the migrant shelters throughout the city.  This year’s budget alone is $4.7 Billion dollars, larger than the budgets for most militaries around the world.  This money will line the pockets of social workers, bureaucrats, construction companies, food companies and a prominent security company, all of whom have lucrative contracts with the City.

The mix of young, single men, drinking and doing drugs, with nothing to do and no means of income is creating a toxic atmosphere for the local community. Residents have complained that crime has risen in the two months since the opening of the migrant center and there have been at least two attempted home invasions in that neighborhood, which occurred on October 4 and October 7.  Some have speculated that the perpetrators may be from the Creedmoor migrant center, since a mask from NYC Health and Hospitals was found at the scene of one of the attempted break-ins. A police spokesperson from NYPD Precinct 105, however, said there was “no evidence” that anyone from the Creedmoor migrant center was involved in the attempted home invasions, claiming that that NYPD has “seen no increase in crimes” since the center opened. Regardless, local residents feel insecure, and many avoid the area now because of the public drinking, drug use and overall threatening atmosphere. “They (the illegal migrants) are feeling more comfortable here now and they are becoming more bold,” said one long-time community activist. “The residents feel afraid.  Our political leaders are offering no help.  They are only asking for more money – but the solution is to close the border.”

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