Capt Joseph Concannon calls for US Attorney of the Southern District of NY to Investigate Queens School District #29

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MONDAY MAY 9, 2016 – 12:00 NOON (ASSEMBLE TIME: 11:45 AM)
Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School, IS 109
213-10 92nd Ave.
Queens Village, NY 11428

CONTACT: Joseph Concannon 347-946-1931

Natl Police WeekOn the occasion of National Police Week, which falls this year on May 15th, NYPD Captain Joseph Concannon (Ret.) states: “The best friend a police officer has is a well-educated student.”  Concannon emphasizes the importance of getting a good education as a stepping stone to becoming a productive US citizen.  During National Police Week, we can think of no better time to highlight the honest needs to bring the community and the police together for one common purpose: improve education and mold the future leaders of our city, state and nation.

Following a rally in front of Intermediate School IS 109 in Queens Village this past Saturday, to stop the co-location of New Vision High School at IS 109, Mr. Concannon will be exposing the corruption, waste, fraud and mismanagement in School District 29 which is negatively impacting IS 109 students.  The needs and concerns of the parents and community residents of the Queens Village community have been neglected for nearly 20 years.  These Board of Education driven problems will result in greater police interactions with students which should not be necessary.  The foil is the very corruption which is manifest at the New York City Board of Education (PEP – Panel for Educational Policy).  Police personnel are at the other end of the spectrum catching the problems. This is entirely avoidable.

We are asking the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY to intervene in School District #29 and help restore public confidence in our children’s education.  We are asking NYS Attorney General and Comptroller, NYC Comptroller, the media, parents, current and former school teachers to come forward and aid in the investigation of school funds, the administration of discipline and more.  We are asking both legislative branches in NYS and NYC to review the capital funding process for schools in District 29 and to focus in on IS 109 and hundreds of thousands of allocated funds which never made it to the school.  We are asking for nothing short of equal protection under the law for the students of IS 109 and all of the students in District 29.  We are asking for legislative oversight committees at the state and city level to hold meetings in District 29 schools beginning with IS 109 to evaluate million dollar contracts with the school which have fallen into disarray in a relatively short period of time.  We ask the Governor to offer a no confidence vote on the city administration as it concerns Mayoral Control during the current administration.

We are especially interested in the US Attorney heading up an inquiry into the NYC Board of Education’s Office of Special Investigations and Office of Special Commissioner of Investigation which specializes in conflicts of interest, waste, fraud and misconduct.  The integrity of these two offices has come into question and the confidence of the public has been compromised.  The public’s confidence in these offices MUST be placed back on a solid foundation and be without question.

During National Police Week we observe our national tradition of honoring the fallen heroes of our nation’s law enforcement community who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. Police fatalities due to firearms are up over 113% for the past year.  We as a city, state and nation owe it to our children that they get every single opportunity to excel and getting a good education is the first vital step.  Informed and educated citizens are generally the last people the police interact with.  If we want to reduce crime, then we need to commit to focusing on education.  That means the Board of Education in all districts needs to be held accountable.  To Support Our Local Police, work on our future generations today.  Our schools, our future, our failures.

For more information: http://qvgop.org/schools-future-failure/
The media and all concerned citizens are invited to attend the press conference, hosted by former NYPD Captain Joseph Concannon.


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