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Joe_019_highresThank you for your wonderful and faithful support in this year’s campaign for New York City Council. The election this year was filled with challenges: short notice to prepare the campaign, prepare the voters, limited time to raise funds and running on an independent line which many voters just did not at all understand.

We crafted our campaign literature to educate the voters about the issues involved in this election cycle and where to find us on the ballot, but this proved to be a rather large obstacle in the end. It was particularly detrimental to the campaign as well that the 2013 General Election Voter’s Guide provided no listing of my profile and photo due to the incompetence and malfeasance of the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

Last evening we met at Vaccaro’s Pizzeria & Trattoria in Floral Park to thank our supporters, donors and campaign volunteers. We took stock of the campaign results that were coming in and conceded the election to Mark Weprin at about 10:10pm. We thanked all of you for your tireless work, time and energy. We had a great team, wonderful and hard working campaign manager and plenty of encouragement. Thank you all.

Moving forward, I will be joining the Queens Village Republican Club Board, and would ask each of you to become a club member at $25.00 a year. More importantly, I ask you to become active members of this club, participate in its functions and look to get our candidates elected. This is where politics begins, locally, and we’re counting on each of you to join us.

Joseph R. Concannon
Candidate for NYC Council District #23
Donations accepted online
Support Your Local Police
LOOK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5HxYvTFgRU

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