What? Me Tweet? Why not!

What? Me Tweet? Why not!

By Sgt. Eric Spinner

We have all heard the constant vitriol against President Donald Trump for his presence on Twitter. Opinions run the gamut from positive to negative, but we can easily understand why he uses it- and to great advantage. We need to adopt it as a tool for our purposes, as well, or be overwhelmed by the opposition.

Donald Trump fully understands the social media and how it provides a platform that will allow one to speak  their  mind  without having  censoring  of   their   words   or   any chance  of  fake  news  altering  the  words. Because everything is in black and white, the evidence is always available to prove exactly what was said.
Another great advantage to using Twitter is that it forces one to think in simple, concrete terms. With a limit of just 200 characters in a Tweet, messages are quite brief and quickly read. Twitter users are not willing to spend the time to sit and read lengthy messages and will not dwell on something that looks lengthy or complex.  One does, however, have the ability to add links to online information, messages, or even other web-based locations. All one needs it the link to the material.
There are ways to direct messages to specific people, and a search function to find them. There are hashtag (#) items that can be inserted in messages to relate the tweet to a specific topic. You can follow other Tweeters at will so that their postings will be announced when you login to your account.
Another great feature of Twitter is that your ID, or handle, does not have to be your real name. When you sign up for an account, you give your name and email, but you can choose a handle that is more aligned with your mission and your message.
Those who have used or at least visited Twitter before should recognize what a tweet looks like. One of my recent tweets is pictured below. My logo and my handle appear in the upper-left corner, and my twitter address, @spinmaven, appears below it. Following that is my comment regarding Mayor DiBlasio’s release of Rikers Island inmates during the Covid crisis into the community. We all knew, of course, what the result of this foolhardy act would be, but of course also expected the results of this action. Having already had to deal with Governor Cuomo’s bail reform and DiBlasio’s sanctuary city policies, we knew that this could only result in more problems, and the linked item in the tweet certainly explains that at another location on the web.


Now we come to the specific purpose of this message. We are in the fight of our lives to preserve the Constitution of The United States of America, the supreme law of the land, against the constant assaults by the progressive left. If we are to get our words out there to be heard, we need to employ the social media. We cannot sit back and be silent- my mind wanders back to the Vietnam era with talk of the silent majority. We can be silent no more!

Cap that with the fact that there are so many issues we must deal with if we are to succeed. The left has used social media to their advantage. It’s time for us to wake up and use it to our advantage. Sure, we all love facebook, but all we are doing is sharing with our limited group of friends, and unless we go out on a limb, we don’t get very much pushback. Linked-In is for business use, and is not effective for influencing people. But Twitter is the way to go, and asking a simple, thoughtful question, under the right conditions, can start a thought or idea on a journey across the nation. Join us on Twitter! We must do this!

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