Vote Concannon

Vote Concannon


The following Letter to the Editor by Queens Village Republican Club member, Fred Bedell was published in the Queens Ledger and all eight of its publications.

Vote Concannon

Dear Editor,

As a proud Republican and member of the Queens Village Republican Club, I am excited about our candidate for City Council in the 23rd District.

He is Joe Concannon, a candidate who is a father, veteran, and served as a captain in the NYPD. He is a firm supporter of the NYPD, and promises to promote jobs, education and keeping our communities healthy, safe and crime free.

Joe is a man you can trust to get the job done, and will care for the common welfare of its citizens for whom he will be entrusted to serve. I have known Joe Concannon for a few years and find him to be a man who is courageous and dedicated to those principles that many of us hold most dear.


Frederick R. Bedell, Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

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