Vision Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of the Queens County Beacon

By Ira Harris

For a number of years, I’ve been discussing a project to put current events, and the opinions of fellow citizens on the issues of the community, to print. With all the issues that impact our lives, from crime, inflation, to what’s being taught in our schools, the voices of the citizens especially here in Queens County, need to be expressed.

The Queens County Beacon, the newspaper published and distributed by the Queens Village Republican Club, is that vehicle. Now, as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our newspaper, that vision is moving forward, through our readership, our volunteer distributors, our advertisers, graphic designers, and our opinionated writers and editors with a newfound flair for citizen journalism.   

As one of the founders of the Queens County Beacon, I  and other like-minded patriots felt the need to fill a vacuum left by the Republican Party in our County and State. We believed there was an urgent need for such a grassroots courier of the people, so after years of talking, years of inaction on the part of Republican leadership, the Queens County Beacon was born in January 2022.    

With informative articles, opinion pieces, pictures, book reviews, word puzzles, reflections on recent events such as BBQs, club meetings, galas, and even a local Queens history page, we are showing the public that we can have fun, camaraderie, and address important policy issues at the same time. We are also busting the myths about Republicans, showing the public that we are your neighbors, friends, fellow worshippers, from every race, creed, and national origin, with shared values, united under our flag with love of country.

As this project moves into its second year, the enthusiasm has gained steam from fellow Republicans and readers throughout Queens, starving for a newspaper that touches their core values, patriotism, and the founding principles of our country.  This enthusiasm has created a steady flow of contributors, writers, a network of volunteer distributors, loyal advertisers, who see the need to support our free newspaper, in order to grow and touch more hearts and minds.

With delighted readers giving us words of appreciation and positive feedback, contributing articles and opinion pieces, new advertisers and sponsors coming on board, a bright future lies ahead for the Queens County Beacon. As Republicans and patriotic citizens, we need to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. Our victories are to be savored, our new relationships held dear to our hearts, our beacon of hope and freedom to shine forth, all to ensure brighter days are ahead for Queens County, New York State, and America.

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