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The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party

By Brandon Straka, #WalkAway™️ Campaign Founder

We are proud to announce that Brandon Straka will be our honored guest speaker at the 144th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner, and will be the esteemed recipient of the American Patriot of the Year Award.

Film by: Mike Boss

“The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party” is the world’s first “documonial” film. This is a testimonial documentary created entirely by using #WalkAway™️ Campaign testimonial videos. These are the true stories of black American patriots about the history and present of the Democratic Party. Please share this documonial film everywhere.

WalkAway™️ Campaign Founder, Brandon Straka

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  1. Joanie

    Thank you so much for this video; Mike Boss. I grew up one mile from Detroit & have loved my fellow Deeetroyters since Grade School. It threw me aghast to be on Facebook actively speaking out against the liberal fake news; while campaiging for President Trump in 2015-16; and later; to be called a racist-bigot because of my support for Potus. It didnt take long to become numb & chuckle at the left’s name calling, losing stragedies; especially after my black conservative leaders and friends were alsocalled the same.

    Two weeks ago, during a recent new job training; I began sharing the truth to my new coworker-friends. I shared some #WalkAwayCampaign videos & they were amazed to see fellow black Americans supporting our Potus. They concluded, “I will begin researching.” …

    This Walkaway group brings tears to my eyes. In 2014-15; I had supporting some of our Vets as volunteers
    during those years; becoming even more outspoken & stronger; than my predisposed God-given personality warranted. I had been publically exposing the fake news media & obamas lies; 2 years before President Trump branded that phrase. So my tears are not tears of weakness; but tears of gratefulness & love for you great people of America & of God. I have been waiting for you. I truly can say that I absolutely love, respect, admire and honor this group, Jason Strakk and everyone’s courage, love and support of one anothers sears love in my heart; making this
    the only reason to wake up each day. Our God-given purpose in life, is to defend the weak and love Truth; with kindness. This group reminds me what ‘like people’, really are within.

    It is about our hearts. Skin color; religion, sexual orientations; age, culture, race and anything that the world “intellectually” believes separates people. The only things that separate people are lies; being untrustworthy, lack of moral character, judgementalness and a mean & evil spirit within. Nothing can separate people except evil. With love for you fellow Patriots = We the People. God bless you all.

  2. joanie

    My apologies to Brandon!!
    (I know your name is not Jason. It one of those long days & the why proof reading is beneficial.)

  3. Kelly

    Hi Joanie – I am not #walkaway, I have always been a conservative. But I am very interested in this movement because it brings me such joy to watch God’s work come to fruition. I’ve read (and watched) a lot of these testimonials and your testimony brought tears to my eyes. Welcome to the light and so happy that you will do God’s work surrounded by such amazing people! God bless you….

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