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The Pickpocketing of New York Residents

Submitted by anonymous club member

The City of New York announced a 20% increase in parking meters throughout New York City.  Another tax on people who own automobiles… but a bigger picture should be looked at.  This is the beginning of the assault of City Government on taxpayers .   A few additional new taxes in New York City will be raised in the next year.  This includes sales taxes, property taxes, fees for permits, etc.  This is inevitable because the money needs to be given ($12 billion in city funds) to maintain the illegals right now.  The number will increase because over 4,000 new illegals are coming into New York each week.

Also, right now the city is starting to cut services in each department by 15%.  One example of this is the New York City Public School Athletic League (PSAL) which was told they must cut $8 million right away.  This will devastate sports in the schools right now.  This is only the start.  The raising of the taxes to support the illegal migrants will undermine the economic vitality of the city.  Businesses that are close to the city line in the Bronx and Queens will suffer because if people can get free parking blocks away why would they pay this meter.

But again, city government is hopeless and helpless.  It cannot function without taking more money from the middle class and all working people.   IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!  THE ONLY THING YOU MUST DO IS VOTE REPUBLICAN TO SAVE THE CITY, WHICH WAS DONE IN THE 1990s to 2012.  We need a two party system in order to check the insanity.

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