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A Mother’s Fight for Justice

Bail Reform laws are allowing murderers to walk free and roam our city’s streets

By Madeline Brame
Reprinted with author’s permission

My name is Madeline Brame, Chairwoman of the NYS Victims Rights Reform Council, State Director of BLEXIT New York and unfortunately mother of a homicide victim.

In 2018 my oldest son, Sgt. Hason Correa, US Army, Afghanistan War Retired Veteran, was brutally stabbed to death by 4 people he did not know, nor had he done them any harm. Hason was kicked, punched, stomped and stabbed 9 times with the fatal stab being directly through his heart. Hason’s father was also brutally assaulted and stabbed 12 times by the same 4 individuals when he tried to come to Hason’s aid. Hason died at the scene. His father was also unresponsive when EMS arrived however was resuscitated and underwent a series of major life saving surgeries that have left him with injuries that cannot be reversed. Of the 4 defendants, 3 are siblings, 2 brothers and their sister, the 4th is their male friend. All are between the ages of 36-40 years old; the entire incident was captured on video. The 3 men are currently being held on Rikers Island without out bail pending trial because they are all repeat predicate violent felony offenders. The sister, Mary Saunders is currently free on a drastic bail reduction from $750,000 down to $12,000 due to language (least restrictive means) and provisions (needs to home with her children, work & take care of her sick mother) in the Bail Reform Law. She was released from Rikers Island Dec. 23, 2019. She spent Christmas home with her family and children while my sons 3 small children visited their father’s grave at Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, NY to lay a wreath on his grave. All 4 are charged with 1st Degree Gang Assault, 2nd Degree Murder, 1st Degree Attempted Murder & 1st Degree Assault. Almost 4 years later no trial date has been set.

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