Stand Up for NY

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,


The uplifting rituals surrounding the welcoming of our new mayor recently were dampened by the negative rhetoric contained within a number of speeches.  Rather than acknowledging the advancements off the past two decades, giving a positive vision of the future, it seemed the “Tale of Two Cities” theme was meant to divide New Yorkers instead of uniting them.  I’m here to stand up for all New Yorkers, and I invite you to join me in this effort.

I am writing this letter as a call to action for all civic-minded citizens who are concerned about the future and direction of New York.  Those of us who are more interested in the issues of taxes, rents, water bills, potholes, public safety and schools (to cite a few) and are less concerned with political posturing and pandering, – I want to hear from you.  New Yorkers have special characteristics regardless of gender, ethnicity, or political beliefs.  We are the generous, innovative doers and shakers of this nation, and we must remain united to move this city forward.

Some of you who see this letter may be small business owners, public workers, local elected officials of all parties, civic and community leaders in all boroughs, and everyday working people.  I want to begin a grassroots movement with as many like-minded people as possible.  My email address is: jconcannon@joe-4-ny.com.  Please contact me and let’s get started!

For future generations, we must Stand Up For NY.


Joseph R. Concannon

Joseph Concannon is married with three children, living in Queens County,  a military veteran,  a NYPD retired police captain, former civic leader, candidate for public office and currently a small business owner in the tech sector.

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