Request for an apology and retraction of false statement about Republicans

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 November 11, 2014

Mr. Tim Scheld
Director of News and Programming
WCBS Newsradio 880
345 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

RE: Request for an apology and retraction of the false statement that “Republicans hate immigration” from CBS News Radio 880 and Crain’s New York Business.

Dear Mr. Tim Scheld,

I am a regular listener to CBS News Radio 880 where I normally enjoy an objective non-partisan news report and analysis. I am also a proud Republican, and the President of America’s oldest and most ethnically diverse GOP Club, the Queens Village Republican Club.

I am writing this letter to alert you to a breach of objective news coverage which occurred on the Crain’s New York Business segment by Timothy Middleton on Saturday November 8, 2014. Mr. Middleton said, “Republicans hate immigration” as if it were based upon fact. This is a derogatory insinuation cast on all New York Republicans under the guise of impartial reporting.

The general context of Mr. Middleton’s remarks was that the recent GOP electoral victories should be good for business, but that is not the case he said, since immigration is a huge driver of the economy and “Republicans hate immigration.” Let me point out to you that Republicans are in fact opposed to “illegal” immigration as are many Democrats as well, but in no way are we opposed to “legal” immigration. Leaving out the “illegal” stipulation is a bald-faced lie of omission which politicians use in negative campaigns to paint Republicans as racist, extremist and cruel. But it is a disgrace for a renowned news outlet to use the same false politically driven slurs against Republicans.

I am the president of a racially and ethnically diverse Republican Club. Many of our members from the Indian, Haitian, Caribbean, Russian, and other communities, are recent immigrants who came to our shores seeking the American Dream. They share our values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, free markets and family values. They work hard, make sacrifices for their children and believe in merit, individualism and personal responsibility rather than government welfare and dependency. Republicans LOVE legal immigration.

I request that you issue an apology and correct the falsehood that “Republicans hate immigration.” I also wish to inform you that this letter as well as your response will be posted and distributed throughout our web and social media networks.


Phil Orenstein
Queens Village Republican Club
America’s Oldest Republican Club, Founded in 1875
W: www.qvgop.org
F: www.facebook.com/qvgop
C: 917-620-2663

CC:  Timothy Middleton, Crain’s New York Business
Jill Kaplan, Publisher and vice president, Crain’s New York Business

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