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Rabbi Aryeh Spero, also known as “America’s Rabbi” was our featured speaker at our June 6th Club meeting and gave a spellbinding address on “the Battle for the Soul of America” at the famed Antun’s rather than our usual venue, Trattoria Lucia Restaurant. The room couldn’t be a more appropriate setting appointed Antun’s-style with a fancy buffet of home baked cookies and brownies, and silver urns of coffee and tea.

Rabbi Spero was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at our Lincoln Day Dinner on February 10th, but was unable to make it due to the heavy snowstorm. We were fortunate to devote most of the evening to hearing his stirring call to action to reclaim our country’s greatest inheritance that has been hijacked by the Left. The Club meeting also featured briefs and endorsements of our Republican City Council candidates, Alex Blishteyn, Dennis Saffran, Scherie Murray, and Sunny Hahn. At the end of the evening, people lined up for book signing with Rabbi Spero for his highly acclaimed book “Push Back, Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit.”

RABBI SPERO ADDRESSES QVRC AT ANTUN’S from Queens Village Republican Club on Vimeo.

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