Happy ThanksgivingWe hope everyone enjoys a Happy Thanksgiving. The Christmas season is now upon us and we wish each of you the merriest of holiday tidings, joyous family gatherings and religious celebrations.

As the year end quickly approaches, each of us takes stock of what we as individuals did to improve our own lives, our towns, our borough and our city. We look back on how we participated in a wide variety of community organizations and how we co-exist with many different viewpoints, some to the extreme right, others to the extreme left, with the majority of us in between. For those who don’t agree with us, we don’t focus on proclaiming banishment from New York State. Rather we try to express our views with greater clarity, direct evidence and with tolerance for those less informed. That’s who we are as New Yorkers.

Our political cycle for 2014 has been a very good one and each of us in the Queens Village Republican Club can be very thankful for running a slate of strong candidates this year. We surpassed the status Cuomo by providing outstanding factual information, utilizing every opportunity to keep our members and the community informed so that they are armed to the teeth in making an informed decision on Election Day. That is called fulfilling our mission. This has been a very active year for our club and we thank each of you for your sincere hard work, dedication and we welcome all of our new members.

2015 is a New Year and we wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! We hope you can join us for our Holiday Party on December 4th as we give thanks to past board members especially Rose Daddario, and Mort Pomerantz who passed this year and others, who held our banner high as we rebuilt our club with the prominence it justly deserves. This is also the time of year wherein we host our internal elections with new officers and new board members coming on the QVGOP board of directors. It’s an exciting time for our club and Republicans in general as the Republican Party itself in NYS reorganizes and holds elections later in 2015. There will be elections for Party positions in Queens County and each of its 18 Assembly Districts, right down to each county committeeman and women. So it is time for Republicans to get organized,gather and take stock of current leadership and contemplate new leadership.

The QVGOP has a strong record of inclusion, community outreach to the immigrant community and reflects our values and core beliefs with those on our board. We couldn’t be prouder. We will continue that trend for 2015 and continue to welcome all to the Republican Party who believe in the power of the individual, that government gets its power from the people, that each of us has the opportunity to pursue liberty and the American Dream, and that all opinions and beliefs are welcomed in New York State no matter who the elected officials are. New York is a big state with plenty of room for everyone.

–Joseph Concannon

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