Position Paper on World Peace

By John Kung

Is it possible?  Even when teetering on nuclear Armageddon, there may still be a solution.  If there is a God, there is a way.

Where do I begin. Three countries that we freedom loving people must watch out for are: Russia, China and North Korea.  Many small terrorist states hesitate to confront USA.  However, these three states do not hesitate to confront the USA and the West when opportunity arises.  That is because, in their minds, possessing nuclear weapons levels the playing fields. Although only a few nuclear bombs will annihilate many countries, the number of nuclear warheads provides a psychological edge. Putin acts with impunity because Russia has more nuclear warheads than USA.  Russia has almost 6,000 compared to America’s 5,500, according to latest figures in google search.  (This is why the rogue state are in a hurry to increase their arsenal)

As God believing people, we know God is urgent in freeing the oppressed people of the world, particularly in those three atheistic communist nations, whose professed ideology is to dominate the world by violence if necessary.

Here are a few observations: 

(Relative) World peace ended February 24, 2022, when Putin, the communist Russian dictator, decided it was a good opportunity to satisfy his bloated ego and lust for more power.  It helps also to have support from other hardliners who together feel and are hungry for the glory days of the Soviet Empire. This delusion may be the driving force.  But because it is not tempered with any fear of Western, especially USA, intervention, Putin take risks.  Ukraine has resources Putin gloats for.  Taking Crimea was a walk in the park.  It seems all the stars are lined up for Putin’s plan.  When USA shamefully pulled out of Afghanistan, it was Putin’s cue for invasion.  Putin does not fear USA and the West because he relies on nuclear blackmail to keep the West at bay, as they are doing in Ukraine. That is why Biden may support but withhold the knockout punch necessary, such as F-22 and F-35 and long-range missiles, etc.  Biden specifically conditioned support on Ukraine’s promise not to attack Russian territory.  (This hamstrung policy contributed to our “defeat” in the Korean and Vietnam War. The reasons are for another paper)

Russia is the main antagonist that we have to defeat and get her to dismantle or destroy her nuclear arsenal completely!  Why?  A terrorist state such as Russia will always use nuclear blackmail to get what they want, usually at the cost of human lives.

God has given us a rare opportunity to rid Russia of her nuclear warheads with this Putin’s war in Ukraine.

How? I will cover this last final option later.

First, allow me to eliminate other potential, but not imminent, threats.

China – Xi Jin Ping, the runner up communist rogue nation, is waiting for the war in Ukraine to play out. Sanctions hurt Russia and will hurt China more critically at a time when China is economically collapsing. She lacks Research and Development due to corruption and suppression of freedom, which is a pre-requisite to innovation, originality, and creativity.  Under communist oppression, people’s original mind is suppressed.  Communist oppression is like a straight-jacket on the mind.  You cannot release your full potential.  See YouTube videos made by Serpentza about China.  (It is interesting that Chinese students excel in USA, getting accepted in Ivy League Colleges and becoming great STEM graduates. Why? Because in America, their original minds are free, to reach its potential)

North Korea – Kim Jong Un must be handled with care.  A carrot and stick approach. While and when she is not actively slaughtering or attacking another nation, we can and need to use the carrot and stick approach.  Friendly overtures have been made and were successful in small ways when Rev. Moon, president Trump and even the President of South Korea Moon Jae-In met Kim Jong Un.  We need to build on that.  Of these three overtures, Rev. Moon has the best most comprehensive plan.  Kim Jong Un is presently waiting for the outcome of Putin War.

So now, let me justify my claim that God has provided the free world a rare opportunity for world peace. Putin’s aggression is without provocation. He can do this because ultimately, he has the Ace up his sleeve, his nuclear arsenal.  So he is not afraid to invade. He knows the USA and the West is afraid of nuclear exchange, and USA is afraid of committing soldiers on the ground.  The USA debacle in the pullout from Afghanistan show him that USA would not protect friends and even US citizens. That was Putin’s cue to go ahead.

The war must go on until PUTIN in completely defeat.  A democratic president must ensue such as Alexie Navalny and begin negotiation for peace.  Immediate withdrawal from pre-February 24, 2022 line of demarcation and return of Crimea.  Russia owes Ukraine and the rest of the world HUGE reparation: Hundreds of Trillion dollars which will take generations to pay.

Deal – The West will help pay a portion of that reparation if Russia dismantles and eliminates their arsenal of nuclear warheads. 

THE WEST, THE USA, MUST DEMAND SUCH destruction of Russia’s nuclear pile.  Otherwise, the next hardliner tyrant of Russia may threaten the world again with nuclear annihilation.  World Peace can be suddenly interrupted simply by a single mindless aggressive act such as Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Rogue and terrorist states are kept at bay due to their fear of the USA with its military and nuclear power. We are the de facto world police, whether we like it or not.  Atheistic, terrorist and communist states such as Russia (& China, N Korea etc.) disposes of their nuclear warheads.

The world will NOT enjoy peace of mind as long as atheistic Russia has nuclear weapons. 

Breaking news: Political Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny was poisoned again in jail but he suspected it and stopped eating until it was found that the chef was putting slow killing poison in his food.  He is still alive (by the grace of God) and people are mobilized to demonstrate in front of St. Petersburg prison where he is jailed.  No independent news media was allowed to show this demonstration. (Ed. Note: I saw the report on YouTube Video: Rebellion Ignites in Russia: Opposition Pursues a Radical Change against Putin!)

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