Marching Proud and Patriotic in the Annual Memorial Day Parade

The Queens Village Republican Club proudly marched as a parade unit behind our banner in the 91st Annual Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 28. 

This is the day we remembered and honored our fallen heroes, our brave service men and women of the US armed forced who laid down their lives so we can be free and enjoy this Memorial Day Parade. We  remember them, and we honor our veterans and our servicemen and women still serving overseas, and in harms way. We enjoyed the parade in great patriotic spirit, smiling, waving, sing “God Bless America”, and shouting out our pride in being Americans, and thanking the parade-goers. We marched with pride that we live in the greatest, freest nation in world, and salute the brave men and women of the US armed forces who have protected and defended our freedom and way of life. Here are some highlights of the parade in videos and photos. 

See the QVGOP marching unit at about the 2:00 minute mark.

Alma Orenstein with Lt. Col. John Peterkin and other honored Veterans

Our Republican candidates, David Bressler, Vickie Palladino, Simon Minching, Lisa Etwaroo, and Dan DeBono marched with us

We Back the Blue!

David Bressler and Mrs. New York


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