Letter to the New York State Legislature Regarding Election Integrity

On December 11, 2022, a dozen Queens County Committee Members addressed a letter to the New York State Legislature regarding Election Integrity.

VIA EMAIL: Scousins@nysenate.gov; Speaker@nyassembly.gov; Ortt@nysenate.gov; BarclaW@nyassembly.go; Myrie@nysenate.gov; WalkerL@nyassembly.gov

December 11, 2022

Ms. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Senator 035 – Majority Leader of the NYS Senate
Mr. Carl Heastie, NYS Assembly Member D83 – Speaker of the NYS Assembly
Mr. Robert Ortt, NYS Senator 062 – Minority Leader NYS Senate
Mr. William Barclay, NYS Assembly Member 0120 – Minority Leader NYS Assembly
Mr. Zellnor Myrie, NYS Senator 020 – Chair Standing Committee on Elections
Ms. Latrice Walker, NYS Assembly Member D55 – Chair Committee on Election Law

Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12247

Re: Election Integrity Petition

Dear NYS Legislators:

We, the undersigned, are Queens County Committee Members. Ensuring that our elections are fair, accessible and secure is essential to restoring the American people’s faith in our electoral process and democracy.

We are reaching out to you to follow up on the status of the Election Integrity Petition dated October 26, 2021, which was forwarded to the New York State Legislature by the Queens County Republican Patriots (“QCRP”) on or about October 27, 2021 via email and certified mail. The petition was signed by more than 500 constituents who have expressed legitimate concerns about election fraud and are requesting that the Legislature adopt measures and safeguards to protect the integrity of the election process in New York State. (See attached petition letter, without signatures). It appears that our constituents’ concerns have fallen on deaf ears since the Legislature has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of the QCRP petition.

We would like the New York State Legislature to take judicial notice that public officers, including but not limited to elected officials from all three branches of government, take an oath of fidelity to the Constitution or office they represent not to a political party or agenda, and they are expected to uphold and defend it. The fact that the New York State Legislature has failed to respond to the petition and address the grievances of the constituents who signed the Election Integrity Petition is a dereliction of duty and a flagrant breach of their oath of office.

Thank you in advance for addressing the concerns of We The People who are demanding that the New York State Legislature make efforts to protect election integrity in order to avert future voter fraud. Please feel free to contact the QCRP for further discussion. The Website is: https://queenscountyrepublicanpatriots.com/

We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. We would greatly appreciate acknowledgement that you have received our letter and its attachment. God bless America and New York. In God We Trust!

With a spirit to serve as Queens County Committee Members,


Cc: Nick Langworthy, New York Republican State Committee Chairman

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