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Joe Concannon Set to Blast Off Historic City Council Campaign


Wednesday August 21, 2013
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Trattoria Lucia Restaurant
247-63 Jericho Turnpike, Bellerose, New York 11426
Suggested donation $75.00

Joe Concannon with flag-smallCANNON BLAST:   “Our campaign for NY City Council is about a broader discussion. That discussion is all about the Constitutional protection of our lives and liberties. Take them for granted and you can be guaranteed that someone will take them away. All good citizens demand honest government to replace the culture of corruption, and they demand safety and security of this city. I am running on the Reform Party line, a new anti-corruption, pro-law enforcement party line, and New Yorkers will speak up and have their voices heard at the ballot box in November”

New York, Tuesday August 20, 2013 – Joseph Concannon, who ran for New York State Senate last year on the Republican and Conservative lines, has entered the explosive City Council (CD #23) race 10 days ago with a “Cannon Blast” on the steps of City Hall, endorsed by all New York State law enforcement unions. Over 1100 signatures on the Reform Party petitions were filed yesterday with the Board of Elections, guaranteeing a challenge-proof position on the ballot, since the minimum signature requirement is 450.

The Queens Village Republican Club, America’s oldest continuously active GOP club, will be hosting Joe Concannon’s campaign kick-off event at Trattoria Lucia Restaurant on Wednesday evening, August 21. They will be joined by the presidents and representatives of the PBA, Detectives Endowment Association, Lieutenants’ Benevolent Association, Sergeants Benevolent Association, NYPD Guardians Association, Captains Endowment Association and others from the law enforcement community, as well as numerous citizens in District #23 concerned with the safety and security of their community since Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens) voted to put the people of NYC at risk.

Concannon’s City Council race was an unexpected turn of events brought about by the political firestorm over the City Council’s anti-Stop, Question and Frisk legislation dubbed the “Criminal Protection Act” and championed by Councilman Weprin, who voted in favor of two bills, Intros 1079 and 1080 which would handcuff the police and protect the criminals.

Weprin also aligned himself with leftwing Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin who recently ruled that NYPD’s “Stop, Question and Frisk” policy is unconstitutional and ordered an outside monitor to oversee the NYPD’s implementation of the policy. The biased judge also accused the NYPD of practicing a “policy of indirect racial profiling.” Weprin concurred with the ruling saying, “New York City has abused stop-and-frisk and created mistrust in the community.”

Councilman Weprin sees the police as the problem, Joe Concannon sees the police as the solution. Concannon’s lifetime career in law enforcement, InfraGard, an FBI public/private initiative, and the Giuliani administration has prepared him to take on a career politician who is committed to advancing his own political aspirations rather than listening to the community. Since Weprin is running for Council Speaker, he has taken this anti-law enforcement position in order to curry favor with his liberal base of support in the City Council.

The roles of Concannon’s 25 year law enforcement career with the NYPD have ranged from planning city-wide emergency management protocols and operations to directing and coordinating the early computer operations, LAN management in New York City and government oversight. Concannon is the recipient of over 17 NYPD awards and commendations. He was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to the position of Deputy Director in the Mayor’s Office of operations. Concannon led InfraGard in NYC for 12 years. His vision and endless energy pushed the NYC alliance into the national spotlight which enabled the FBI to expand its national membership and provide a road map for other alliances around the nation to establish similar programs, while recruiting and training over 5,000 security professionals. Concannon has been awarded by InfraGard’s National Board the Linda Franklin Leadership Award and the NYC Alliance Outstanding Outreach Award.

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Joseph R. Concannon
Candidate for: NYC Council District #23
Donations accepted online

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  1. Neil

    You mean someone might challenge you on the Republican line?

  2. Phil Orenstein

    Balloting for Republican and Conservative Parties has been closed since last month. Joe Concannon just entered the race on the only line available, an independent line. He was drafted to run by the state law enforcement unions and made the announcement 10 days ago.

  3. Neil

    I thought Party Chairs can select a candidate.

  4. Phil Orenstein

    Party chairs can endorse a candidate, but that does not preclude others from running, if they meet the qualification process of petitioning and registration.

    • Neil

      So has the Party Chair endorsed anyone or no one?

      • Phil Orenstein

        No one

        • Neil

          Running 51 candidates in 51 races could help the top of the ticket. Looking for results.

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