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Concannon Blasts City Council’s Brazen Vote to Shun the Public and NYPD



CANNON BLAST: “The Council has…forsaken the trust of all New Yorkers and put NYC Police Officers once again in harm’s way, while they let murderous criminals have their way on the streets of NYC. Shame, shame, shame on the NY City Council.”

Police Unions Endorse Joe Concannon4New York, Friday August 23, 2013 – Retired Police Captain, Joseph Concannon, who announced his candidacy for City Council (CD #23) on August 8 on the steps of City Hall, endorsed by all New York State law enforcement unions, blasted the City Council’s vote to overrule the mayor’s vetoes on the two bills that would handcuff the NYPD and protect the criminals. The City Council voted to create an Inspector General to monitor the NYPD and passed a bill that would give citizens more options to sue police officers if they feel they’ve been profiled based upon race, gender, age, housing status and a number of other politically correct criteria. Concannon as well as the entire law enforcement community named the bills the “Criminal Protection Act.”

In a statement slamming the Council’s reckless vote, Concannon stated:

“Yesterday, the NY City Council in overriding Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of the Community Safety Act, better known as the Criminal Protection Act, proved its incompetence and complete lack of understanding on the nexus between effective law enforcement strategy and the vitality of the NYC economy.  This irresponsible vote taken by the Council disregards the will of the people.  If the NYC Council felt so brazen on the merits of this bill, they should have put it up for referendum so that each citizen in NYC could determine their own fate and the future direction of our fine City.  Instead, behind closed doors and with the odor of politics poisoning the air as this bill is hastily ushered into NYC, the Council chose a path in which no one but they have a say.   This is not the transparency they promised, the public didn’t stand a chance.  They have forsaken the trust of all New Yorkers and put NYC Police Officers once again in harm’s way, while they let murderous criminals have their way on the streets of NYC.  Shame, shame, shame on the NY City Council.”

police carConcannon’s opponent, Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens), who is running for Council Speaker voted for both bills. Weprin has taken an anti-law enforcement position that would put the people of NYC at risk, seeking his own political opportunities over the safety and security of all New Yorkers. Concannon, who is running on the Reform Party line, a new anti-corruption, pro-law enforcement party line said that “all good citizens demand honest government to replace the culture of corruption, and they demand safety and security of this city. …and New Yorkers will speak up and have their voices heard at the ballot box in November.”

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