Help distribute our brand new “Queens Village Eagle” newspaper!

Bring on the Great Awakening of Queens!

We successfully launched the January issue of our club’s brand new free “Queens Village Eagle” newspaper. This is the front page of the February issue: 

Over 2 dozen volunteers helped to distribute 5000 copies of our January newspaper with the goal of spreading the word to the citizens of Queens that we are no longer a one-party city and state! This will usher in the Great Awakening in Queens, as readers are exposed to our Republican principles, our values and our Republican candidates every month!

The February issue will have a print run of 10,000! Please email us at  INFO@qvgop.org asap to be part of our distribution network. 

It’s easy and fun! Drop off a handful of newspapers at 3 or 4 of your local neighborhood stores as you shop or go out to eat. Your local merchants: supermarkets, laundromats, post offices, delis, doctor’s offices, restaurants will willingly let you put out a handful of free Queens Village Eagle newspapers for their customers.

This is the way we reach out and build our Republican Party and transform the electorate of Queens to wake up and vote Republican!

The Queens Village Eagle is a free community newspaper published by the Queens Village Republican Club and is supported by our sponsors. Contact us about sponsorship opportunities to advertise your business or your political campaign for low rates. Email us at INFO@qvgop.org for more information.

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