Grand Opening of Queens County Republican Patriots Website

Grand Opening of Queens County
Republican Patriots Website

Hello Fellow Republicans,
It gives me great pleasure to announce the Grand Opening of Queens County Republican Patriots website www.QCRP.org. Each of you is a part owner of its content, its growth, and its effective use. It is thrilling to work with such a great group of professionals who want to empower Republicans all over the borough of Queens, New York! All we ask is that you, JOIN US!

At this exciting time just weeks before our June 22nd, 2021, Republican Primary our homepage captures Queens with the world famous Unisphere! It is the perfect image, it represents the over 100 different cultures which now call Queens County, NY home. We in the Republican Party will be looking to capture more of each one of those cultures into our party and now we have the Queens County Republican Patriots web site shinning as a sign of welcome to all who come to visit and others who want to grow a family, a business, a religion, and a future with us in the Republican Party. Call us, write to and rest assured someone will get back to you within 24 hours. We do not ignore the voters; we implore the voters to get engaged with us so we can truly make Queens County NY great once again!

In the days, weeks, and months ahead you will be hearing from our candidates. Ask your candidate, have they been endorsed by the Queens County Republican Patriots? If so, they are truly fighters for freedom, transparency, integrity and most importantly the growth of our Republican Party right here in Queens County, NY. You can see our endorsed candidates on our web site. If you are interested in running for party office or public office let us know we have several openings and right now is a great time to start to explore what it takes to run for office. We are here to help you, not to disappoint you and ignore you! The Queens County Republican Patriots will show you how to run for office, prepare you for the twisted bureaucracy called the NYC Board of Elections and help guide you all along the way.

Remember this…the Queens County Republican Patriots believe the most important person in the Republican Party is YOU, the voter. Far too long ignored, put down, trifled with, and told to be quiet, and that only the few insiders can make all the decisions FOR YOU. That is baloney and we are calling the establishment out on it. These power-hungry bureaucrats need to find a new home. They have taken enough time in reducing our enrollment numbers, plundering our treasury on wasteful lawsuits, and accomplished nothing in getting our Republicans elected to office. The time for change is here and we are so excited that each of you have joined us, will join us, and will vote for our candidates.

Lastly, we could not have done this without all your support! Individual voters stepped up and from your profound sense of patriotism grew what is now known as, The Queens County Republican Patriots!

Thank You
Joseph Concannon
Founder and Chief Evangelist

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