The Queens Village Republican Club stands with people of all faiths, but now at a time of rampant anti-Semitic attacks, we stand up in outrage and stand up for justice with the 2 million people of Jewish faith in New York State. Violent anti-Semitic attacks were committed by perpetrators who were released without bail even before the new bail reform law kicks in on January 1, 2020. Last night, at a celebration of the seventh night of Chanukah, we witnessed a bloody anti-Semitic attack at the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg in Monsey, NY where 5 people were severely wounded. Recently we witnessed at least 13 vicious anti-Semitic attacks in New York State and many more on college campuses across the country.  

The recent wave of criminal justice activism has gone way too far! Our club is outraged as we are witnessing the breakdown of law and order due to the feckless policies of the Democrats running a one-party government in our city and state. The outcome of Democrat Party rule is that New York City and New York State are going in the wrong direction. We see the consequences of bail reform, and radical leftist policies calling for closing Rikers, freeing 1000’s of inmates, defying ICE, and even abolishing our police force, where criminals are emboldened to commit atrocious anti-Semitic acts with impunity and are released without bail.

The left is mobilized and organized, and they have taken every Democrat elected official hostage. We believe the only way to fight back is to organize, recruit and register Republicans! We need a strong organization of Republican county committee activists who can get out the vote to elect Republicans who can make policy changes in our government that effect our everyday life. We must turn the tide!

This is the time to act, and we will do so. We ask all our club members and friends to stand with us and the Jewish people of New York!


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