Academic Freedom for All!!

Academic Freedom for All!!

By Phil Orenstein

QVGOP New Years Club Meeting on Academic Freedom!

THURS. JAN. 2, 2020 at 7:30 PM
At: Young Israel of Holliswood – Holliswood Jewish Center
86-25 Francis Lewis Blvd., Holliswood, NY 11427


A speech by Ann Coulter at University of California, Berkeley drew more than a thousand protesters. Photo Credit: The Daily Californian/Daniela Cervantes/Senior Staff

Our college campuses are out of control. They’ve become hotbeds of anti-American indoctrination. It’s time for Republicans to get involved in our school systems from top to bottom.

Years ago, our colleges and universities were noble institutions dedicated to truth-seeking and transmitting our cherished heritage from the classical Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian roots of our Western Civilization. Today these same institutions are offering courses with such titles as “Dismantling White Privilege, Power, and Supremacy,” “Marx for Today” and “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology,” with no tolerance for differing political views.  Many have become intolerant ideological centers of “Cultural Marxism,” penalizing any speech deemed offensive or deviating from the politically correct dogma.

The “cancel culture” is now dominant on college campuses. In November, a 200-strong leftist student mob at Binghamton University violently attacked a small group of College Republican students handing out literature promoting an upcoming lecture by well-known economist Art Laffer. They destroyed the tables and physically threatened the Republican students for expressing their political views and support for Israel. The rioting student radicals later prevented Laffer from speaking, cancelling the lecture before he could utter a word. They believe they have a right to use physical violence to stamp out what they consider offensive opinions. A Yale study reveals that 31% of college students believe it’s OK to use violence to stop “hate speech” or “racially charged language.”

Violent protests have stopped Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jordan Peterson and many other conservative campus speakers. Ann Coulter was invited to speak at Berkeley, ironically known as the “birthplace of the free speech movement.” But her speech was suddenly cancelled when leftist student mobs decided to riot. Yet, the bloody Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was welcomed with open arms at Columbia University, and a dean at Columbia said he would gladly welcome Adolf Hitler to speak on campus. Recently Bucknell University invited and applauded an Antifa leader who promotes political violence against conservatives to speak on campus, while a professor called President Trump a “White Supremacist” and his election an “act of terrorism.” 

This is nothing new. It’s the outcome of the long march of the left into our cultural and academic institutions. In the 1960s, when student radicals and leftists failed in their attempted revolution in the streets to overthrow America, they marched into our schools and colleges to become teachers, professors and administrators. It was part of a carefully planned non-violent agenda to topple our nation by a cultural revolution to control the minds and radicalize our children.

Nelson Mandela said it best: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Former FBI agent, Cleon Skousen testified before Congress in 1963 on the goals of Communists infiltrating our nation: “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

Unrepentant anti-American and former terrorist Bill Ayers

A leading figure in the revolution from the streets to the schools, was Bill Ayers, leader of the Weather Underground, a 1960s domestic terrorist group. He participated in bombing government buildings throughout the country, including the Pentagon and the Capitol. “Kill all the rich people. … Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents” were his words of wisdom.

This unrepentant domestic terrorist, who never taught in a classroom, became a distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois. Today teachers throughout America indoctrinate our children using his radical program of education for social justice, teaching that America is racist, oppressive and evil and that socialism is the solution.  

This is a call to action. Republicans and Conservatives, and all honest citizens who love America need to get involved in our education system. We can follow the lead of our great President Trump, who recently signed an historic executive order to battle anti-Semitism on college campuses. This executive order protects Jewish students from bigotry and discrimination by making Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act apply to anti-Semitic acts, withholding federal tax dollars from academic institutions that won’t combat this growing hatred. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said there has been “no more important event … to turn universities away from being bastions of hatred and discrimination than this executive order.…it will go down in history as one of the most important events in the 2,000-year battle against anti-Semitism.”

President Trump displays Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism after signing it on Dec. 11. At right is Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

There is a great deal that Republicans can do to follow in the footsteps of our president to cut federal and state funding for schools that refuse to protect the freedom of speech rights of students and faculty, or refuse to take action against violent offenders on campus. Our education system is rotten to the core and reforming it should be the number one priority for all Republican candidates running for elected office.  We Republican voters need to mobilize our ranks, build our county committees in every AD, and get out the vote in 2020 for our President Trump and any Republican who champions this issue!

Our January 2nd Club meeting will feature several New York City college professors who are spearheading the battle against the abuses of the left on their respective campuses. Come, bring your friends, especially students and faculty, to hear their proud stories of how they are fighting back! We all need to get involved in order to save our country and defend our civilization for future generations. Our long march back into our colleges and universities has begun. Nothing can stop us now!

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