Stuffing the Ballot Box

Stuffing the Ballot Box

Letter to the Editor of New York Post by Phil Orenstein

I am extremely disappointed that the NY Post jumped on the shameless media bandwagon to call the election for Joe Biden, before all the legal votes are counted, while ballot boxes were stuffed with illegal mail-in votes throughout our country. It’s an irresponsible call while as yet undecided states such as North Carolina will undoubtedly go for Trump, and recounts are expected to go for Trump in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and other states, with pending lawsuits for 1000’s of cases of voter fraud.  The fact that Republican poll watchers were not allowed to watch the secret vote count in Pennsylvania as Trump’s lead vanished, is no conspiracy theory, and it may have to go to the Supreme Court to throw out the late arriving ballots which gave the questionable lead to Biden. 6000 votes which flipped to Biden in Michigan due to a software glitch is a credible fraud allegation, and this same software is utilized throughout the country.  This election is far from over and will be decided by the courts and Electoral College, not by the media. The American people have a right to a fair election.

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