Giving Thanks to the Heroes and Heroines Surrounding Us

Giving Thanks to the Heroes and Heroines Surrounding Us

By Joseph Concannon

Thank you to the members of the Queens Village Republican Club and Happy Thanksgiving.  We live in the most generous, caring and forgiving nation on earth and there is no end to the examples of this.  Today, President Trump issued seven prestigious American Freedom Medals.  It is a ceremony repeated annually to acknowledge outstanding civilians in our American society. You too would have been very proud of your fellow citizens and nation.  We can share this moment with each other via computer.  Please see: https://tinyurl.com/y8hr8ry3 for all the details.  We are an exceptional people and have much to be proud of and thankful for and it is only fitting that we pause to examine these things. In thinking about what to write for this month’s December newsletter, I thought I might make up the Concannon American Freedom Awards.   If you are proud of someone share it with me on my Facebook page.  So here we go:

The Concannon American Freedom Awards:

My Family

For having a caring, wonderful wife, three great kids, and two of the liveliest grandkids anyone could want!  I love you all and thank you for your patience and understanding in all my pursuits.  I salute you, Dad and Grandpa!

Arlene Mooradian For her love of life, her humor and her steadfast determination to fight back illness and to cope with what life brings.  We salute you!
Hemant Shah A friend I never knew and got to know.  For weathering stormy times, immigrating to America from India, living the American Dream, thriving with his family and being a role model for our community.  For teaching me and having patience with me.  We salute you!
Nikoloz Chkheidze A friend I never knew and got to know.  For proudly and boldly standing up for the people of the Republic of Georgia. For showing and patiently explaining to me the plight of a people who border Russia.  For fighting for freedom, being a beacon of hope for all coming to our American shores.  We salute you!
Delvis Estrada For being a friend over more years than I care to mention.  For caring about the unborn, standing up and working for something larger then yourself.  For having the courage to pursue your dreams undaunted by the naysayers and empowered by a nation of creators.  We salute you!
America’s First Responders For caring and protecting us day and night.  For balancing our rights with those provided in the U.S. Constitution.  For facing down those who would do us harm in an environment of adversity.  For being proud moms and dads just like the rest of us.  Silently and with no acclamation you do your jobs.  Thank You!  We salute you!
Small Businesses For having the courage to start up in the very first place.  For trying to nibble a profit out of your sales to feed and fuel your families and provide products and services we want.  For weathering the good times and not so good times with us the members of the community you serve.  Thank You.  We salute you!
The Faith Community For having the strength, patience and wisdom to help us see the better in all of us.  For showing us the power of God’s love and enduring patience with all of us.  For being there at the very start of life, its trials, and ensuring us the dignity of life until the thereafter.  We salute you!

Thank you all for your support over the years.  I salute each of you.  For those of you sitting on the outside bitter from the past or just wondering about the future I invite you in to take another look.  We are the Queens Village Republican Club and we understand voting matters and elections have consequences.  Now is the time to come home and build a new future.  A happy and healthy holiday season, and New Year!

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