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Fred Brown is Chairman of the National Black Republican Council, and President of the New York State Black Republican Council.

It was an historic moment for the NYS Black Republican council and the beginning of the illustrious legacy of the National Black Republican Council when in 1974, Fred Brown merged his membership of the New York State Black Republican Council into the National Black Republican Council (NBRC) and created the largest and most influential minority Republican organization in the state and in the country.  The major goal and objective is to increase the participation of Blacks in all aspects of the Republican Party politics.

Fred Brown-2By the end of the 1980 Republican National Convention, to which he was a Reagan Delegate, Fred Brown had emerged as a highly respected national political operative and advocate.  He served as a Statewide Chairman of the Reagan/Bush Committee of New York, New York State Campaign Chairman of the Reagan-Bush Committee for Blacks and Special Groups; the Northeast Regional Chairman of the Reagan-Bush Committee for Blacks and Special Groups (representing the thirteen states of the northeast region).

In 1985, Mr. Brown began his tenure as Chairman of the National Black Republican Council, a position to which he was re-elected and he currently retains; and, for eleven years, he was a member of the Republican National Executive Committee.  As chairman of the Council (NBRC), representing over 50,000 members in 44 states, he coordinates the national office in Washington, D.C., and the state council organizations.  In addition to the national office in Washington, D.C., Mr. Brown is the Republican District Leader of the 77th Assembly District of Bronx County, New York.  He has been a Delegate to the National Republican Conventions of 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008.  Impeccably speaking, Mr. Brown has been a National Convention speaker during the previous seven (7) Republican National Conventions and he has actively participated in every Republican Presidential campaign since 1980.

Likewise, as President of the NYS Republican Council, Mr. Brown has been politically involved in the successful campaigns of former Governor Pataki, Mayor Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Valella, Mayor Ernie Green, and Mayor James Garner, former President of the National Council of Mayors. He has also been politically involved in the success of hundreds of other state and local campaigns around the country.

In addition to his extensive political activities, Mr. Brown has achieved distinguished accomplishments and recognition in the education and business arenas as well.  Mr. Brown was elected to the community School District No. 9 in Bronx County in 1977.  He served for 14 years.  He successfully won reelection to three 3-year terms of office for five consecutive terms. As a member of the Bronx County School Board, Mr. Brown’s key responsibility was to oversee 35 schools, 35,000 students, hundreds of teachers and school administrators, and an operating budget of more than $100 million annually.  In the business arena, Mr. Brown received a Minority Section 8 Demonstration Project in 1981 for more than $5 million to construct, own and manage 83 units of low income housing in New York City.  He served as a consultant to the City of New Haven, Connecticut, successfully securing a $25 million Urban Development Action Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to redevelop nine city blocks in downtown New Haven (generating a $4 billion project).  He established a solely minority-owned and operated construction company, Thacker Associates, which operated in New York City, New Jersey, and Miami, Florida with an annual construction budget of over $4 billion before it was liquidated.  With the essential business and political savvy, Mr. Brown has been retained throughout the years by several Fortune 100 companies throughout the United States.

Presently, Fred Brown is a presiding Board member of Victory Charter Schools; and he also serves as a presiding Board member of Great Oaks Foundation.

With his diligent commitment to the National Republican Party, Mr. Brown has selected to serve in one of the highest and prestigious memberships of Republican National Committee, the EAGLE.  Without a doubt, Mr. Brown’s commitment to the world of Republican politics continues on.

Chairman Brown has been recognized nationwide for his achievements and accomplishment in education, politics, and real estate.  Mr. Brown’s Awards and Proclamations include: Harvey Moder Lifetime Achievement Award 2016; Legacy Award for Distinguished Service 2011; NAACP Man of the Year Award; Kappa Omicron Chapter of Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc. Outstanding Leadership Award; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Outstanding Service Award; New York State Veterans Quality Organization Outstanding Leadership Award; New York City School Construction Authority’s Outstanding Leadership Award; Camden, New Jersey, Office of the Mayor: Proclamation Declaring Fred Brown Day for Entire County; Mount Vernon, New York – Outstanding Service Award; Michigan-Outstanding Leadership Award; Yale University – Outstanding Service and Leadership Award for New Haven Downtown 9th Square Development; Hempstead, New York Proclamation Declaring Fred Brown Day; and University of Bridgeport, Connecticut Outstanding Leadership Award, just to name a few.

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  1. Sara Green

    Congratulations to Fred Brown who has spent most of his life serving others from the military, to the NYC Transit Service to the Republican Party. He has always strived to find the way to help others a push or extend a helping hand.
    He was definitely instrumental in assisting many brothers and sisters get that “foot in the door” as a first!

    I probably have known Fred longer than most folks because I lived one flight below his Mother in the Bronx and
    I can honestly say that whenever I run into him at certain events, he remains the same quiet but forceful fine human being who is committed to his position as a Black Republican with a purpose.

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