Evangeline Balaskas and Howard Neiman for NY Republican State Committee

Republican Patriot candidates, Evangeline Balaskas and Howard Neiman, are running for District Leader of the 25th Assembly District in the upcoming Primary Election on June 25th. The Republican Patriots is a multi-candidate committee registered with the state, whose goal is to build the Republican Party in Queens County and elect good Republican candidates. Evangeline and Howard are two shining examples of the caliber of the new Republican leadership our party desperately needs in Queens. We hope that all our fellow Republicans living in the 25th Assembly District will vote in the Primary Election on June 25th for these two outstanding leaders, as well as all the Republican Patriot candidates running in Election District contests for County Committee throughout Queens.

Evangeline Balaskas for NY Republican State Committee

I’m a mom, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt; these are just some of the many hats I proudly wear.  I’m also a New Yorker, something the elitist, intolerant Governor Cuomo doesn’t want me to be.  Who can forget his infamous line “Conservatives aren’t welcome in New York?” I’m a product of legal immigrants that came from Greece during the wave of European migration to the United States in the 60’s.

The career path I chose was real estate, and for 29 great years I’ve worked as a real estate broker in the five boroughs of New York City.  I worked with people from all walks of life.  I worked through three crashes in the real estate market.  I have seen success, earning many top producer awards (#3 in Queens for a top franchise), and have experienced setbacks too, with the crash of 2008 being the most humbling of all.  I have many stories and plenty of experiences with cherished citizens that have brought me to where I am today, running for NY Republican State Committee Person in NY’s 25th Assembly District.

All these experiences and my thirst for an understanding and improving what is happening in our neighborhood and larger world, politically, economically and socially, have led me to my affiliated party, the Republican Party.  There is something about the Republican Party that integrates the line between rich and poor, black and white, male and female, young and old.  To be a part of the Republican Party is to contribute my civic duty to our county and all good people, to assure that each and every individual counts, is free to speak his or her mind and is able to pursue happiness in this American life, which is a precious gift from God.

Howard Neiman and I, as well as other patriots on our team, are proudly part of the Republican Patriots here in Queens.  We see the need for a new strong Queens GOP leader to ensure there are checks and balances in our local government as, for far too long now, the current GOP leadership in Queens have let Democrats run unchecked.  We need a new “Republican Patriots” leadership in Queens that will run solid candidates who support our President and who will reach an expanding base in Queens with a compassionate conservative Republican message, a new “Republican Patriots” leadership that will have effective Republican candidates run and win again in Queens.

Howard and I are candidates for seats on New York’s Republican State Committee from NY State’s 25th Assembly District.  The 25th Assembly District covers Flushing, Fresh Meadows, Auburndale, Bayside and Little Neck.

Our goal and mission is to save Queens from the frightening democratic policies coming down the pike for Queens and New York by winning a seat at the NY State and Queens County Republican tables to ensure we run viable and solid Republican candidates in Queens to improve the quality of life and ensure that law and order and freedom in Queens County and New York State are proudly and effectively upheld. 

Howard Neiman for NY Republican State Committee

I see the danger growing in the left’s toxic identity politics, abasement of religion, tolerance of anti-Semitism, blind hatred of America, their thoughtless drive to expand government’s social and economic control, acceptance of infanticide, and their overall toxic intentions for liberty and the human spirit.

I am a recently retired psychologist and a genuinely appreciative American advocating for reality-based compassionate conservative Republican values.

Sadly, I also see the establishment RINO Republicans (Republicans In Name Only) failure of will, unity and political effectiveness over the last decade, failing to run effective candidates in Queens, failing us nationally even when we gave them the majority in Congress. 

In November 2018 I retired and became immediately very active in Vickie Paladino’s campaign for State Senate, attended multiple Republican club meetings, wrote political postings and published political op-eds and articles, and most meaningfully, under the wise tutelage of Joe Concannon and Phil Orenstein, decided to run for a seat on the New York Republican State Committee from Queens’ 25th Assembly District.

The world desperately needs a strong America with values and policies emanating from an effective blend of compassion and actual reality.

Evangeline Balaskas and I are part of the newly formed Republican Patriots team.  We strongly support President Trump and his pragmatic compassionate conservative Republican values and policies. Evangeline and I are candidates for NY’s Republican State Committee from Queens’ 25th Assembly District and from there we will be strong unwavering advocates for Queens Republicans’ values and policies.  We believe in America as the greatest force for good in the world. 

We long for a true Republican party in Queens, a party no longer Republican In Name Only, a Republican party that will no longer fail its base, a party unapologetically dedicated to realistic compassionate conservative values, a party that loves and appreciates America as a beacon of social, economic and religious freedom in the world, a party that unapologetically supports President Trump, a Republican party that will restore victory and hopefulness to our long-ignored Queens constituents, a revived Queens Republican presence that will Make Queens Republican Again.

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  1. Walter Kowsh

    In re: Balaskas & Neiman Received their mailing today and tried to send them an email but couldn’t because their email address ( Howard&Evangeline4Queens@gmail.com) doesn’t exist according to Google’s Gmail. Are these folks for real?

  2. Charles Caracciolo

    Hi there, we received a campaign mailer today for Evangeline and Howard, as my son and wife are both registered Republicans. You’ve got their votes on the 25th, best of luck!

    FYI – After reading the flyer, I sent an email to the address on the bottom of the flyer, but it kicked back as undeliverable. I thought you’d want to know. Hopefully you can get that fixed before the election.

  3. Doctor Howard Neiman was a true brother in the war against oppression. I known him for over ten years when he worked as a director at the partial hospital. Through the the difficulties that I had and challenges that I passed, Doctor Howard Neiman gave me his utmost attention and utmost support. As a republican nominee l am sure that he will fight for the rights of all Americans. Especially those who are underprivileged and have special needs. Based on the experiences that I had with him, I would most surely recommend him as a government official.

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