Donald Trump To Speak, Next Week, At Annual CPAC Event

Venue Moved To Sunshine State In Support Of Commonsense Leadership By DeSantis

By Alan Bergstein , Feb 22, 2021, as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter

Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). National Harbor, MD, March 6, 2014. Editorial credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Former President Donald Trump, fervent Israel supporter and defender of our Constitution, will speak, next week, at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), to be held, for the first time out of D.C., and in Orlando Florida. CPAC is the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world. This yearly event brings together hundreds of conservative organizations, thousands of activists and untold millions of viewers to see, mingle with and hear the brightest leaders of the world expound on issues that impact all of us, liberals, progressives and conservatives. In addition to the move of the venue to Florida, obviously, as a thumb in the eye to the radical leadership of D.C. and its environs, Matt Schlapp, the group’s president declared it was in support of the Sunshine State’s Governor Ron DeSantis for his commonsense leadership.

“Florida has kept its economy, schools, and churches open – while balancing the health and safety of Floridians,” making it “the right state to host CPAC 2021.”

Our own fellow New Yorkers must look with envy at the moral and civic leadership of DeSantis compared to the ineptitude of their criminal, murderous, governor.

Trump, who lives just a few hours drive south of Orlando, will surely discuss the future of his own Republican Party which sadly is now in a bit of internal disarray. It’s also a good bet that he’ll focus on President Biden’s horrid, dangerous amnesty and border policy. Our nation, that is, those of us with some solid matter between our ears, are preparing for the worst news out of puppet-Biden’s mouth relating to his recent pleadings with Iran to come back to the “bargaining table” to make outrageous demands that we will surely fulfill. Such as removing all of Trump’s economic, diplomatic and military sanctions and the immediate thumbs-up for that terrorist-supporting state to complete its nuclear ambitions. And most probably, with a strong arm wielded by the radical House member, Ilahn Omar and her growing crew of Progressive Jew haters, Joe will ignore the real threats by the Mullahs to incinerate the Jewish State. Biden’s staff of former Obama honchos, now controlling the White House are preparing the much feared “kiss Iran’s butt” script for Biden to blindly follow. And he will mindlessly do as directed. And don’t forget the tidal wave of hatred directed against all White people by radical blacks and mimicked by their robot-like progressive, dumb-as-dirt liberal, Democrat White lemmings. We want to hear Trump’s ideas and plans of actions to counter, educate and lead us regarding these dangerous moves and currents now imperiling us all.

Most assuredly, the Progressive politicos and their first line of defense, the mainstream media, will predictably bleat that a former president should disappear into retirement, not get involved with issues relating to his successor and should keep his mouth shut. Of course, the four years of string pulling and blueprinting by non-stop, by ex-President Obama are routinely omitted from their commentary. Trump, who has not appeared at any major event since January 20th will speak on the last day of the event, on Sunday, February 28th. Tune in. Listen. Be motivated and keep the faith. We wish him and his beautiful family the best.


Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein is the current President of The Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County. He is also known as a lecturer, columnist and editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice, a retired NYC school principal, father of four and Korean War veteran. Alan’s material appears in The Published Reporter® with his explicit permission.

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