Chinese American Guardian Angels

We are in the beginning stages of the Asian Lunar New Years. It lasts for 15 days. We were honored in Chinatown as we celebrated our Guardian Angels 42nd anniversary Saturday 2/13 in Confucius Plaza. It marked one year since we were invited in to patrol the area because of an increase in bias attacks against Asians. Because some of our fellow Americans believed that the Chinese themselves were carriers of the CoronaVirus there were attacks and abuses directed at Asians in the streets, buses and subways. We immediately came in and recruited Asian Americans to become Guardian Angels. That required a lot of time spent developing relationships with all the different factions that visit and populate the area. We taught the self help concepts of the “Guardian Angels” and the community responded favorably. 

On the political note the Asians were more akin to the values of the Republican Party then they were to the Dems.  When it came to preserving the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) to gain entry into the Specialized Public High Schools. Keeping the Gifted and Talented program in the public schools. Supporting their many small businesses, and most importantly supporting the police and bringing public safety back to our city. You would think that the Republicans would have made headway into their growing communities. That has been limited.

I trace it back to Northern Queens and the races that Peter Koo ran against the Dems as a Republican. In his 1st race he ran a good race against the entrenched State Senator Toby Stavinsky. His next race he ran as a Republican for City Council and won in a close race against the Dem. At that point the Republicans failed to capitalize on that victory and left Koo without the support to build and grow the Republican brand amongst the growing Asian community. The Democrats in the Asian Community often are at odds with the belief systems of their constituents. The community can be converted to the principles of the Republican Party because for the most part they are already living their lives that way.

Even with YANG in the race as a Democrat the community has not been immersed by ethnic politics. As the Republican Mayoral Candidate I will spend the time and resources to develop the permanent relationships not just for the purpose of winning the Mayoral Election but for building a Republican infrastructure for their community.

Guardian Angels

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