Brooklyn College, Breeding Grounds for ISIS?

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April 27, 2015
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  Brooklyn College, Breeding Grounds for ISIS?

Students at Brooklyn College praise ISIS at Pamela Geller event, part of a pattern of support for radical Islamists at CUNY

There aren’t many in the US who are inclined to praise ISIS. But the audience for a lecture by Pamela Geller at Brooklyn College on April 22, 2015 proved to be the exception: a crowd of students  – when they weren’t disrupting the lecture – showed enthusiastic support for the terror group, as shown in the photo below and video link.[i]

Students at the event giving the ISIS index finger salute[ii]

ISIS Salute

Unfortunately, it is just another example of CUNY’s soft spot for Islamic radicals. Here’s the history.

  • In 2002, the CUNY faculty union contributed to a defense fund for Sami Al-Arian, who later pleaded guilty to contributing services to a terrorist organization.[iii]
  • Mohamed Yousry, an adjunct lecturer at CUNY’s York College, was convicted in 2005 of providing material aid to terrorism.[iv]
  • Three days after Mohamed Yousry was sentenced on terrorism charges, the CUNY Faculty Senate Chair speculated that he might be looking for work as a teaching adjunct.[v]

And with an educational incubator like CUNY’s, it’s not surprising how some students respond:

  • Farrooque Ahmed, who graduated from CUNY’s College of Staten Island in 2003, was sentenced in 2011 to 23 years in prison for his role in planning bombings in Washington D.C.[vi]
  • Syed Hashmi, a 2003 graduate of CUNY’s Brooklyn College, was sentenced in 2010 to 15 years for attempting to supply military gear to Al Qaeda.[vii]
  • Noelle Velentzas, an alumna of York College, was arrested in 2015 for a plot to prepare an explosive device to be detonated in a jihadist-inspired terrorist attack in the United States.[viii]

The world-view of those who teach at a university counts. There is a pattern of support for radical Islamic causes at CUNY.

Parents, tuition payers, and the tax paying public should think twice before choosing CUNY.

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